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HI, just looking for a place to complain on the lack of nominations in the Oscars!! :rant: I'm so mad!!!

I just wish we can get this movie in re-release in the director's cut and that people can see what an awesome an amazing movie it is :waaah:

Hugs everyone :grouphug: be well and take care.

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Okay, this is slightly off-topic since it isn't KOH related, but... Return of the Sith?! :blink:

Granted the Sith DO return and in a BIG way, but... :lol:

You young 'uns need to know/remember the history of the Star Wars franchise: Return of the Jedi was originally titled Revenge of the Jedi, to throw off moviegoers and critics. It wasn't until very close to release tiime that the true title was revealed. He's probably just harkening back to those days.
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I was so glad to see some recognition for Kingdom of Heaven here! The visual effects were done so well and were impeccably used. The other nominees in KoH's category were Jarhead and Memoirs of a Geisha. I was also glad to see Andy Serkis and King Kong get their much deserved awards. The VES gives awards for TV and video games, too, but these four movie ones are the biggies.

VES Award winners announced

Thursday 16 Feb 2006 - 12:19

The Visual Effects Society announced the 4th Annual VES Awards winners at a gala event at the Hollywood Palladium on Wednesday February 15, 2006. The event attracted more than 800 celebrities, visual-effects and animation artists and members of the film, television and games industries.

This year's winners include:

Joe Letteri, Eileen Moran, Christian Rivers and Eric Saindon for King Kong, which won an award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Motion Picture.

Wes Sewell, Victoria Alonso, Tom Wood and Gary Brozenich for Kingdom of Heaven which won an award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Motion Picture.

Dennis Muren, Pablo Helman, Sandra Scott and Marshall Krasser won an award for Best Single Visual Effect of the Year for their work on War of the Worlds - Fleeing the Neighborhood.

Andy Serkis, Christian Rivers, Atsushi Sato and Guy Williams won an award for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Motion Picture for their creation of Kong in the film King Kong.

A full list of winners can be found at the Visual Effects Society's website.


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Thanks for the news Patty. It's great that KOH and King Kong are being recognized the spectacular work that went into them.

I remember Christian Rivers worked on LOTR too. I expect these are all WETA Workshop folks.

I believe!


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Another nice article about the VES award from "In the Fray" magazine. I was tickled to read about the moon-shaped trophy, a nod to pioneering filmmaker Georges Méliès and his film "A Trip to the Moon" (1902), which I have actually seen in a theatre.

Kings of the blue-screen jungle

The Visual Effects Society (VES) handed out its awards for achievement in visual effects in television, feature films, games, and commercials last night at the Palladium in the heart of Hollywood. The golden statues in the shape of a moon, in honor of the pioneer of visual effects, filmmaker Georges Méliès, are awarded to visual effects supervisors and producers who make up the membership of VES, though nominees do not have to be members to qualify for awards.

The team from WETA Digital, director Peter Jackson’s effects company in New Zealand, took what could be considered the VES Awards top prize, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects Driven Motion Picture, for King Kong. Teams on Kong also took two other prizes for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Motion Picture and Outstanding Created Environment in a Live Motion Picture for their 1930s New York City. The other top prize, and, for some, more prestigious because it honors effects that are seamless parts of a film, is Outstanding Supporting Visual Effect in a Motion Picture, and that award went to Ridley Scott’s crusades film Kingdom of Heaven.

Read the remainder of the article by Rich Burlingham here.

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