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  1. Ohhh I wish all of you who are going the best of luck!! I hope all of you get the chance to be on set with Orlando, seeing him in action live! I wish I could see that, but since I live thousands of miles away and I have no job and therefor definitely no money (let alone the courage) to come and audition, no chance what's so ever :)

    I'm sure all of you will make us proud! :hug:

  2. :kablaam::dbb:

    I am so dead . damn, those are fabulous, and I just finished the new lay-out for my website. A Troy theme. These would have gone great with that lay-out, maybe I should make a version 2 :whistle: Okay, I'm gonna go die, I mean watch the pictures again,

  3. This picture is an extension of the previous one seen with Orlando on the boat. Great for all those who think Eric Bana is good lookin' as well. :wink:


    Thanks for posting, DarkElven :hug: That is a yummy picture :cry:

  4. I pre-ordered mine today, so it will arrive somewhere around the 28th (I hope).

    Oh for the dutch ka-bloomies: the Free Record Shop Holland mentions something about a t shirt to accompany the dvd on their website (don't know if that counts for the pre-ordered ones too).

    For the belgian ka-bloomies: Free Record Shop Belgium doesn't seem to have the pre-order option and the dvd is 29.99 euro :huh: (at the Free Record Shop in Holland it's 24.99 euro).

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