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There have been several questions around the Board about how to add a picture to your signature area. Here's a quick primer:

1. Select your graphic (picture, animation, etc.)

Select the graphic you want to use. It will have to be sized correctly to fit Board rules: The entire signature area can be no larger than 200 pixels high (this includes any picture and any text you may wish to add). We ask that you keep it under 400 pixels wide, but we give some leeway on that, as long as it's no wider than Board width (550 pixels). The easiest way to check the size of your picture is to right click/properties; the popup box will tell you the exact size.

Animations will have to be kept fairly simple, as they cannot be any larger than 100K in size. And you have to choose between your avatar or your signature for an animation - you can't have both. We have a lot of members who are on dial-up, and it can take for-EVER to load a page if there are lots of animations.

Here is an example of a picture 200p high x 400p wide:


2. Upload your picture to a picture host or your personal webspace

We've talked about this before, but nearly everyone who has an internet connection will likely have a small amount of webspace, usually around 5MB - ample to add a picture or a small animation. Contact your ISP or check out their home page - they will give you instructions on how to access and upload to your space.

3. Add graphic to your signature

Go to My Controls/Personal Profile/Edit Signature. Then you add the picture as you would within a post - using the  tags.  The signature page even has the

[b][SIZE=1][font=Optima][color=green]Elfslutting Since 2001[/SIZE][/color][/font] | [font=optima][SIZE=1][color=blue]Official Retriever and Recycler of Legolas's Spent Arrows[/SIZE][/color][/font]
[color=deeppink]Head of the queue of girls ready to just drop at Orlando's feet[/b].

Which comes out looking like this:

http://www.ka-bloom.org/Jan/Tu.jpg' alt='Tu.jpg'>

Elfslutting Since 2001 | Official Retriever and Recycler of Legolas's Spent Arrows

Head of the queue of girls ready to just drop at Orlando's feet.

If you have difficulty entering the correct code and become completely frustrated, just contact one of the moderators and we'll try and help you out. But it's easy - really!

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I'm bumping this to remind y'all of the Board maximum size for sig area (including image and text):

200 Pixels high

550 pixels wide

And if it's animated, it MUST be less than 100K in size.

Please try to remember this. Otherwise, it's a-hacking we will go. chainsaw.gif

Edited by Jan

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Bumping AGAIN, as we are beginning to see more and more signature AREAS that we have to edit.


[*] ENTIRE SIGNATURE AREA can be NO larger than 200 pixels high x 550 pixels wide.

[*] It CANNOT be a hotlinked image (meaning linked from a site over which you do not have ownership). The exception, of course, is if we host it for you.

[*] If animated, it cannot be over 100K in size (and you can't have both an animated signature and avatar).

[*] It cannot contain inappropriate content, such as:

- Photo manips of you with Orlando.

- Photo manips of Orlando in a 'slashy' situation.

- Text of a sexual, political or religious nature.

Inappropriateness will be at the judgement of the PEFIC on a case by case basis; when in doubt, please ask.

If you sign on and find that text and/or your picture have been removed, it will be because we have done it. We will attempt to inform you by PM if the entire picture was removed with a quick explanation; if text was removed, you may want to check the height of your image as it was probably 200 pixels all by itself.

The arbitrary size was chosen for two reasons: One, it takes a while for images to load up for our dial-up members, so we need to keep them to a minimum; and two, it makes for long thread pages.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Time again, with so many new people. If you're having a sig image made by one of our 'old-time' regulars, then you likely don't have an issue. But if you're making your own, please read the rules here about the size of the image.

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In the current version of the board (3.4.6), here's how to add/edit your signature:

Click on your username name (top right)

> My profile

> Edit my profile (right hand side)

> Signature (left hand side)

You should now see a section called 'My current Signature' and below that one called 'Edit Signature'.

If you want to replace your signature picture with a new one, click on the signature picture in the 'Edit Signature' section and delete it. Then click the image button (image_icon.jpg) and put in the url of your new signature. Final step, click 'Save Changes'.

Don't forget that, unlike avatars, you will need to host your signature image yourself. See Jan's ancient posts above.

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