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Kevin McKidd in KOH

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I was just nosying around on the BBC Website for Northern Ireland and found loads of articles about a new BBC2 drama about Guy Fawlkes called Gunpowder Treason and Plot I was interested to discover that one of the cast members is also in Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando.

In his interview he mainly talks about the horse riding side of his role, rather than working with Orlando but as he is a bit of a dish I thought I should share.

Yesterday McKidd arrived home from Spain, after completing work on the new Ridley Scott movie, Kingdom of Heaven.

The film is set during the 12th century crusades and again called for physical prowess and emotional intensity.

But for now, McKidd cheerfully explains why his earlier incarnation as the rough and ready Bothwell helped him as he rode alongside his Kingdom of Heaven co-stars Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons.

It is all a matter of equestrian confidence, he confides.

"To be honest, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot got me riding properly because we rode so much. Up until then I'd felt very unsure of horses and didn't see myself as a horse lover," he chortles.

"My breakthrough came one particularly hot day; I hauled myself into the greasy saddle and could ride. It had become natural, second nature.

"How those Romanian horses ever understood my Scots accent is anyone's guess, but I'm chuffed to say the experience set me up to ride their Spanish cousins with ease."

Full article here: Kevin McKidd

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Very interesting LenaLove--thanks! :)

Hmm.Spanish horses are such impressive, magnificent animals. ::Imagines Orlando astride a huge, black Spanish stallion.::


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