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Guest EmpressSoha

Prior to meeting her, I had no feelings one way or another about her. But after meeting her and reading her interview in Teen People, I think she's incredibly well adjusted for having an acting career from such a young age. In the Teen People article, she advises young actors/actresses to wait until they're done with college to start a career, since they'll know themselves better. And something about how your family should love you for you, not because you're a great actress. (hmm, wonder if Mamma Dunst was a bit pushy?...)

Anyways, when I met Kirsten, she was really nice, had a great handshake; firm, not too long or short and no excess shakeage. Being in law school, I've come to "read" people's handshakes and tend to judge people by them. (Stupid, I know). From Kirsten's handshake, I think she is clearly confident, professional and assertive. (She would make a great lawyer). She was also very friendly, signed autographs for my little sisters and even asked to whom they should be made out. She took photos with any fans that asked. She even joked around about how she knew everyone was really there to see Orlando and not her. (uh.ok, she was probably right on that one, but at least she had a sense of humour about it).

And to make a long story even longer, a friend of mine saw her in the waiting area of a restaurant and approached her for an autograph. While chatting her up, my friend accidently called Orlando, "Orlando Broom," which Kirsten thought was hilarious. I guess she was relieved to see a fan who wasn't completely enamored with Orlando (as if that's so wrong).

If you don't like her for being a strong/assertive person or you don't like her clothes or just don't like her acting; like her for her spirit fingers. "Bring It On" is my favorite bad movie. It's so pointless, but damn, you can't help watching it everytime it's on TBS!


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Kirsten's next role announced at Movie City News.

August 11, 2004

For Immediate Release



-Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman Set For Starring Roles—

Culver City, CA August 11, 2004 – Oscar®-winning screenwriter Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), the first American woman to ever be nominated for Best Director, is set to direct Marie-Antoinette for Columbia Pictures, it was announced today by Amy Pascal, Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group. Kirsten Dunst is attached to the film in the title role and Jason Schwartzman will portray Louis XVI. Production is scheduled to commence in February in France.

Written by Coppola, the film will be a stylized telling of the legendary and enigmatic Queen of France. Coppola and two-time Oscar® nominee Ross Katz (Lost in Translation, In the Bedroom) will serve as producers through American Zoetrope. Fred Roos, Francis Ford Coppola, and Paul Rassam will serve as executive producers.

Sony will distribute the film worldwide with the exception of France and Japan, the rights to which Coppola has retained.

"Sofia has an unique and incredible vision for this film," said Pascal. "We have wanted to work with her for a long time, and couldn't be more thrilled about Marie-Antoinette."

"I've always loved the story of Marie-Antoinette and the decadence of Versailles on the brink of revolution," said Coppola, "and the fact she was just a teenager when circumstances forced her to play a significant role in history."

"The idea of seeing the world of Marie-Antoinette through Sofia's eyes is just about the coolest thing I can imagine," said Katz. "We are so happy to be partnering with Sony. Their passion for Sofia and this film is incomparable. This is a dream scenario for filmmakers."

Matt Tolmach, Co-President of Production for Columbia Pictures will oversee the title through production for the studio.

Coppola wrote and directed both Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides.

In addition to his Oscar® nominations, Katz received a Golden Globe for Lost In Translation and was also a nominee for In The Bedroom. Katz began his career at the independent production company Good Machine.

Dunst, who most recently starred in Columbia Pictures' blockbuster-hit Spider-Man® 2, previously worked with Coppola in The Virgin Suicides. She will soon be seen in the romantic drama Wimbledon and Cameron Crowe's drama Elizabethtown. Coincidentally, her first film appearance was an uncredited role in New York Stories.

She also starred in such films as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Mona Lisa Smile, Spider-Man®, Bring it On, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Cat's Meow, Wag the Dog, Interview with the Vampire, Little Women and Jumanji.

Schwartzman, who made his film debut in Wes Anderson's Rushmore and is set to begin filming Columbia Pictures' Bewitched with Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell, will soon be seen in I Heart Huckabee's, opposite Dustin Hoffman, Jude Law and Mark Wahlberg, and Shopgirl, opposite Steve Martin. He and Coppola, both appeared in Roman Coppola's drama CQ.

Coppola and Katz's deal with Columbia was negotiated by ICM's Bart Walker and attorney Barry Hirsch.

Dunst is represented by William Morris Agency and Management 360.

About Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures, part of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, is a Sony Pictures Entertainment company. Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America (SCA), a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE's global operations encompass motion picture production and distribution; television production and distribution; digital content creation and distribution; worldwide channel investments; home entertainment acquisition and distribution; operation of studio facilities; development of new entertainment products, services and technologies; and distribution of filmed entertainment in 67 countries. Sony Pictures Entertainment can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.sonypictures.com.

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Guest Jeanne
"The idea of seeing the world of Marie-Antoinette through Sofia's eyes is just about the coolest thing I can imagine," said Katz.


Merci, Ginger!

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Kirsten's next role announced at Movie City News,.

Thanks for posting that, Ginger. It was interesting to read; I hadn't heard about that project. I think it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

I usually like Kirsten in the roles she plays. To me, she comes across as a smart, well-adjusted person, which is always refreshing in comparison to a lot of the other types in Hollywood these days.

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I saw that Ginger, although I must confess that John and I have been talking about it off and on for a while now. (Though it was mostly in the context of me helping him out in my own little way to collect pictures from any photocall and premiere. :lol: ) It had slipped my mind that it was Sofia's latest as well.

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