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Screenplay vs. Finished Film

Guest Pseudgirl

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Guest Pseudgirl

If you haven't seen the movie yet and you don't want to know what happens, maybe come back to this thread later! :fear:

I've just bought the book of John Michael McDonagh's screenplay, and it's interesting because, as is usual with screenplays, there are a number of scenes that are either not in the film at all, or are different. I just HAD to share this one with you though - this is the screenplay version of the scene with Joe and Mrs Scott, the Euroa bank manager's wife:


Mrs Scott, wearing only her undergarments, takes a fancy muslin dress from a wardrobe and steps into it. She glances in the mirror and sees Joe's reflection .

She gasps, pulling the dress up to cover her bosom as she turns around .

Joe is leaning lazily in the doorway, his gun tucked into his belt. He smiles.

MRS SCOTT: How dare you?

JOE: Ah, sure I'm doing no harm.

He enters the room, glancing around. Mrs Scott watches him as he goes over to the dressing table. On it is a wide white bowl of objects . egg-shaped river stones, lumps of quartz, pyrites, wild birds' eggs, and a selection of small skulls.

What are all these? These skulls?

MRS SCOTT: I collect them.

JOE: You collect skulls? A bit morbid, isn't it?

He picks up one of the skulls. There is a hole in it, obviously from a bullet. He puts his finger through it.

Nice bit of ventilation there, the poor little bugger.

She studies him, her demeanour changed.

MRS SCOTT: So you're Joe Byrne.

Joe puts down the skull and gives a mock tug of his forelock.

You know the papers said you had the facial features of a creature born to crime.

JOE: I'm the handsome one of the bunch.

MRS SCOTT: They also said you'd married a Spanish housemaid in Deniliquin with the exotic name of Madela.

JOE: No, we're just good friends.

He comes up beside her. She doesn't back away.

MRS SCOTT: I suppose you have a lot of good friends.

JOE: Sure there's no harm in being friendly.

MRS SCOTT: No, I don't suppose there is.

She drops her dress and lunges at him, kissing him hungrily and reaching a hand inside his trousers.

You're a beast. An absolute beast!

Aaaaarrrrrrggghhhhhhh, why oh why oh why did they not film it that way??!! "... reaching a hand inside his trousers." :faint::heart:

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Guest Reconnaissance

Total shock. Jaw drops. Jaw stays dropped. I haven't seen the finished product yet.but exactly how much did they change this scene? I hope they've kept the dialogue at least.

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Guest Pseudgirl

Well I suspect that it wasn't even filmed the way it is in the screenplay, so there wouldn't be a scene of it, deleted or otherwise. The filmed version is good too, and I can see why they've changed it, it was just the thought of the reaching-into-the-trousers bit that did me in! :devil:

I sure hope you guys get a better DVD than we did in Australia, there were NO making-of or deleted scene extras on it at all, not even the interviews from the website. :cry:

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:huh: Oh MY! Going to bed one the note that, Karyn will most certainly be going by Books a Million tommorow for thE Book! Or if I can find it(doubtful), the screenplay! Ooohhh! SHE kisses him hungrily! :yum: I would get dressed and go see the late movie tonight, if only it were playing, hmmm, lets see.ANYWHERE in my :blink: STATE!! :leg:

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This scene is a lot tamer in the movie - no dress coming off and no hands in trousers. It's very sweet though.

The DVD we got here in the UK is terrible, extras-wise. There's literally nothing on it but a short documentary on Ned Kelly and some pictures! I read an interview with Gregor Jordan where he said that he doesn't like the extras on DVDs, so unless the studio drums up some stuff for its US DVD release, I doubt very much that you'll get much more than us.

The DVD is so poor that to be honext if I'd seen the film at the cinema I doubt that I'd have bought it.


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Guest ilelia

This is def. a very hot scene, wonder why they scrapped it? Joe Bryne was really a ladies man wasn't he? He was also very smart. I hope we get dvd extras. It's not playing in my state either, but in the next state. I feel all your pain. :doh:

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