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The End of an Era


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Can you believe that it is 15 years since a certain pointy eared elf first bounded gracefully onto our screens?  So much has happened at ka-Bloom since then.

-          Conventions in Chicago, Norfolk, Seattle and Boston
-          CEOKs
-          Birthday projects
-          Christmas present exchanges
-          Meetups at premieres
-          Naughty nights at the Knight Club
-          Strange goings on in the Gutter
-          Friendships blossoming

However, the online world has moved on.  While there is still huge interest in Orlando’s career, this now mainly exists on the newer forms of social media.  Rene (Sunstar) has worked tirelessly for the past 6 years bringing us all the latest news, and I know that you will all agree that she has done an amazing job.  However, she and I now feel that the amount of work involved is no longer justified as the audience has diminished.

I am hugely proud of what Jan, all her staff and all the members have created here.  Thanks to the generosity of our members we will be able to continue paying for hosting and can leave the board and gallerie online as a read-only resource.  However, new posting will cease at the end of January.

Let’s not be sad that it’s over but happy that it happened.  The Knight Club will be open from now until the end of January, and I invite you all to pop in, help yourself to a drink from behind the bar and tell us all your favourite memories from your time at ka-Bloom.

Thank you all.  It’s been a blast.

Judi (Jupiter) x x

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