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I've been thinking about purchasing a new laptop, since I've had this one since 2006 and it's getting a bit old and slow. Perhaps some of you are doing the same? Anyway, I noticed a category called "Environmental Options" on while looking at all of the options to consider on the laptop I'm probably going to buy and decided to investigate. Dell has come up with ways you can purchase items from their web site and still "Go Green". Here's what I found:

For $0.00 you can recycle your old laptop or desktop computer with them. This keeps electronics and their chemicals from breaking down in a landfill and leaching into our ground water, (which eventually makes its way to us to drink)!

For only $2.00 you can plant a tree as an offset for purchasing a new notebook, laser or inkjet printer, or LCD monitor!

I'm not ready to recycle my old laptop yet, but I am definitely going to pay the $2.00 to offset my new laptop purchase. :shiny:


- Pam -

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