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Guest Star - Orlando Bloom


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Third Watch and CSI are my favorite shows. I’d love to see him as a fireman or cop on Third Watch. He’d look really good in a cop or fireman uniform. :heart: Or maybe CSI. He could play an investigator brought in to help Grissom on a really difficult case. This is all wishful thinking on my part.

I kind of like the idea of celebrity Fear Factor. Although it can be gross and disgusting at times. I love it anyway.


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Guest AshleighRose

I'd love to see Orlando have a guest spot on That '70s Show... just because I absolutely love that show.

And of course, to see him in 'cool 70s threads'. :wub:

He could be a new guy in town or something. or one of the gang's family members from England, who has come to stay there for a while.

I'd love to see him in 'the circle'.... smoking pot with the gang. :w00t:

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I'd like to see Mr Bloom on a couple of the British talk shows that get shown here in Oz. "Parkinson" is obvious - but the one I'd like to really see is "The Kumars at No 42". I can just see Ummi going absolutely beserk, and coming out with some of here wonderful double entendres. :censor:

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Guest galenlothiel
And YESYESYES to the idea of being in cahoots with Sark!  :wub:  I'm all a-shiver with excitment at the notion!  :lol:  Kira, damn you for that.  I'm going to be freaking obsessed with that idea until I can beg an author friend to write a fic for me!  :wave:


Sez, you better share that fanfic with me if you convice your friend to write it because DAY-UM! Talk about divine inspiration! :w00t: I'm drooling over the idea, too.

Kira, wishing she had such moments of brilliance on a more regular basis

Nah, stuff the friend. I say we go straight to the source - email JJ the idea. :lol:

Send him a copy of Midsomer Murders as well, to show he can play the bad guy. :wink:

At this point, if I knew more about the ins and outs of Alias-verse, I'd be half-tempted to write the thing! :)

I couldn't get through the thread without commenting on this. I love love love Alias! It's my favorite show and I was saying to my mom the other day that it would be great if Orlando guest-starred possibly as a relative of Sark's? Oh man, just imagining them working together. :wub: And Sydney would want to kick his butt, but his looks would lure her in. Yeah. Let's write to JJ!

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Guest megastarmegs
OMG what about That 70's Show!! I would soooooooo love to see him battling with Ashton Kutcher!

I couldn't agree more if it had been my own post! :lol:

In other news. what about Orlando on Oprah? I would really super love to watch that, because not only is Oprah a good show, but it would be really funny, and A WHOLE HOUR OF ORLANDO! What more could a girl ask for? :wub:

cheers mates! :cheers:

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