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Jan, I agree with everything in your review. I rented DFF at Redbox to watch Friday night. Sadly I agree the movie wasn't good. Orlando was good in his scenes, but he really didn't have much to really act upon with the limited screen time and whatever material he was given. And the improv did not work and I feel like the director kept putting more characters in the movie, hoping at least some of them will stick with viewers. Well, none of the characters were really developed and most of them were unlikeable. Besides Orlando, the only other performers I wanted to see more of were Sam Elliot and Judith Light and that's because they are good in pretty much everything they are in. But again they had about as much screen time as Orlando (5 minutes) maybe a little less. And it's like they were trying to say some things about marriage and how to make marriages work but ended up not saying much at all.

I hope this is one of those "It seemed like a good idea at the time" mistakes for Orlando. I understand and support Orlando's desire to do mostly independent movies (Even if that means a small chance of these movies making it to my theatre). I just wish he would take at least supporting roles in those movies(at least 10 minutes of screen time, preferably more). And take roles that give him something to do or at the very least work with genuinely talented people.

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