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Zulu: DVD and Blu-ray


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For anyone who wants to know, I just received my Zulu dvd from Amazon Canada. It is region 1 and works fine on my DVD player. It was 10.99 in Canadian dollars, plus 9.98 shipping charges. In American dollars, the total was $18.52.

I watched the movie as soon as it arrived, and was once again amazed at the talent of our guy. I had to keep reminding myself that this was indeed Orlando Bloom.I won't go into details except the say the violence is pretty graphic, but thankfully not as much as the book.


One more thing, the copy I ordered is ZULU bilingual, so you can view it in English or French.

I went with your idea, serendipity, and just received my DVD. I could watch it in French, since I'm fluent in that language, but it will be easier to enjoy in English, so I'll probably just go with that. :wink2: Since I have a region-free DVD player, conversion won't be an issue. I'll report back after I've seen it.

- Pam -

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