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Interview With Mark Ruffalo

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There is a nice little interview with Mark Ruffalo in today's NYTimes. It ranges over a number of topics, but the section wherein he discusses Sympathy for Delicious caught my eye. He always sounds like such a thoughtful, interesting person, plus this gives us a little more information on what some of the problems with finding a distributor for SfD have been.

To that end, his choice of roles has been all over the map. He has swung from indie films (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) to comedies (“13 Going on 30”) and thrillers (“Zodiac”). This year, he starred opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in “Shutter Island” and had a comedic cameo in “Date Night,” and his directorial debut, “Sympathy for Delicious,” had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival.

In the latter film, Mr. Ruffalo, Orlando Bloom, Laura Linney and Juliette Lewis support the leading actor, Christopher Thornton, a paraplegic and friend of Mr. Ruffalo’s, who wrote the script about a disabled faith healer and D.J. who can cure everyone but himself. The film won a special jury prize, but was plagued by savage reviews and bad word of mouth. “The one thing I sensed in these reviews is there was a meanness in them that didn’t smack of honesty,” said Mr. Ruffalo, who believed he was attacked for being an actor audacious enough to direct.

So he took to Twitter to turn the talk around. “I just faced it head on,” Mr. Ruffalo said. “All of a sudden this whole countermovement started to happen that was responding to the bad reviews, and people were taking up the cause of the movie.” With Twitter, he added, it’s possible to “control your message.”


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