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USA Today reporting on the Tribeca premiere and Q&A of TGD:


Bad medicine: The movie focuses on Bloom's portrayal of young Dr. Martin Blake, struggling for respect in his first job out of medical school and making some very bad medical decisions with a favored patient. Has Bloom been subject to bad doctors? "I've had a few," he said on the red carpet. "I think it can happen. I think we're our own best healers. But I've also had some amazing doctors. I broke my back when I was 21 and if I didn't have the doctors in the U.K. that fixed me up I may not be working today."

Have baby, will travel: Bloom was accompanied by a glowing Kerr, whose tight black dress revealed the supermodel's amazingly svelte figure (baby Flynn was born almost five months ago). With all the airplane hopping the pair do, how is their newborn coping? "We're lucky, he's a great traveler," said Bloom.

A new side of Orlando: Co-star Morrow says this is an Orlando you've never seen. "A friend of mine was over at my house the other day, Gina Gershon, and she knows Orlando, and there was a still (photo) on my counter and she said, ' Who's that?' I said, 'That's Orlando' and she goes, 'No way!' Because he looks so different in the film. It's just not what people expect for him."

The star says: Bloom says that's the best part of jumping between blockbusters like his The Three Musketeers (out this October) and indie films. "It's important to me in this time in my life (to make) movies like The Good Doctor and Sympathy for Delicious (which opens in limited release starting April 29)," said Bloom. "It's a totally different kind of thing. For me Martin was an opportunity to explore a really unique side of life. He's a guy who is doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons and I thought it would be a fun thing to try out."

Joking around: During a Q &A after the film, a fan in the crowd asked if the ending left the movie open for a Good Doctor 2. "We only do trilogies around here," joked Orlando from the stage, to laughter. Earlier on the red carpet, Keough said Bloom knows how to keep it comfortable on set. "He has such a good sense of humor, we didn't let it get too serious."


:teehee: "We only do trilogies around here."

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