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The Hobbit: A Special Movie Extra

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Lori passed this on to us from Sonia - can't wait to see it! :lol:

I also spent time on the set of The Hobbit with Orlando, Peter Jackson and many of the big stars there. It was just fantastic and so exciting...and THEN I was an Extra for the day....then Peter Jackson graded me up into a Grade A extra and I had the full camera on me – blink and you could miss it – but when this FANTASTIC film comes out – its going to break all records – you may see this old lady with long grey hair peering out of a doorway anxiously looking into the hills because the Dragon is soon to appear and all the villagers sense this impending danger....Both Peter Jackson and Orlando were directing me – and Orli said – Mum, pretend you are searching for Daphne ...(Sam’s adorable dog who we all love) - anyway, Peter seemed quite pleased with my performance so I hope it’s left in....

Thanks, Lori!

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