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Orlando Bloom on Returning to Play a Younger Legolas in 'The Hobbit' (Exclusive)

Orlando Bloom, costar of The Three Musketeers, told Movies.com that he is looking forward to revisiting Legolas for The Hobbit, even though he’ll be playing the character at a younger age, some ten years after he first inhabited the role. “We’re talking about an elf here, man, so what we’re saying is a few hundred years, give or take,” Bloom said in a recent interview. “It’s a pretty ageless kind of thing. I am really excited about it.”

Playing the beautiful, ageless elf who was part of the Fellowship of the Ring, Bloom was an early breakout among the series’ ensemble cast members, and he subsequently became a star on the merits of his contributions to that franchise as well as the Pirates of the Caribbean films. He said that he expects that returning to the role will be fairly easy, even though a big part of his connection to Legolas was related to his then-inexperience as an actor, much less in a film series with as much infrastructure as Peter Jackson’s trilogy.

“I think that character is in my veins,” he explained. “In preparation I go back into the way I prepared for the character ten years ago.” At the same time, Bloom admitted that he has changed since then, but indicated that returning to the world of Middle Earth will help him reconnect with a part of him that he and the character originally shared. “Obviously it’s a lot more informed today with the experiences I’ve had. But the innocence and the vulnerability and naivety in some ways of Legolas was part of who I was at the time as an actor, but it will be something that I’ve kind of maintained in a way.”

“It played because elves are immortal, and there’s an innocence to them, which is something that is the thing that I will be conscious of.”

Bloom also said that he’ll be bringing some new elements to Legolas, including a slightly more unpolished sensibility, since he’ll be several years younger than he was in Lord of the Rings. “The other way that I’ve thought about it is that in a way, because it’s a prequel, he was probably a bit of a younger gun,” he observed. “So he was a bit more loose; this is like a precursor to Lord of the Rings, it’s like a warm-up to Lord of the Rings for him, in a way, so that’s interesting.”


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