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So,where to start? Well, I felt so up and down today. I tried to be calm and not get my hopes up, but it was so hard not to!

On my walk from the parking lot to Roy Thomson Hall, my DYC fell off of my bag and onto the sidewalk. Thankfully, I noticed it fall and was able to go back to pick it up. After that, I was completely terrified I was going to lose it and kept checking that it was still there.

I arrived at Roy Thomson Hall by 3pm. There were already people in a section right next to the red carpet, so I took the next best - the barricades opposite the red carpet. I checked in with the security people; they said it would be a good position to see everyone as they met the press. I was thrilled that I had a spot right at the front, I just hoped I wouldn't need the washroom, as I knew I was in for a long wait!

I was there in time to see the cast arrive for History of Violence - there was the cutest little girl - Heidi, I think her name is. I think that she plays Viggo's daughter in the film. Viggo arrived shortly after. He looked absolutely fantastic! He came along and did autographs. I was thrilled that I was able to get one as my daughter had especially asked me to get one for her. He is really good looking in person, though much shorter. Funny, how I expect all these people to be 10 feet tall! :lol: He was clean shaven, wearing a really smart, cream suit and was very softly spoken. I got two good pics. of him, which I'll post whenever I figure out how to do so! He posed with the little girl Heidi on his knee for the press and of course, we all went into swoon mode. :throb:

After the History of Violence crowd went in, things calmed down a bit. I called my daughter and told her I got Viggo's autograph. She was thrilled -she's 11 - "oh thank you Mommy!!!", she said, and then I felt a bit better about deserting my family on a Saturday afternoon and evening! I chatted with some great people near by and actually the time went much faster than I expected. So funny - there I was armed with a book and magazines, thinking I was going to read - what was I thinking?! :rolleyes: Instead, I chatted with everyone around and couldn't concentrate on anything more than that!

Charlize Theron arrived late for the show, so she dashed in - she is absolutely stunning - she is so tall and walks with wonderful confidence!

Oh, a hilarious thing happened! All of a sudden, there was the sound of all this screaming. A bunch of girls came running down the street, screaming and yelling at the tops of their lungs. My first thought was oh :censor: the girls that were at MuchMusic are arriving!! Then we saw a young guy on a Vespa - it turned out that they were filming a Vespa commercial! Even the press that were setting up, looked stunned by the whole thing. It was just like Orlando's Gap ad, so it seemed sort of appropriate somehow!!

At 7pm Bailey arrived, then shortly after, Rosalind and Rita. It was fantastic to see everyone again - we had all met last year for Haven. Last year, because we were in the ticketholder line, we didn't get a look in on a CEOK, but this year we hoped it would be different! We were able to stand together, which was great.

I thought Orlando and everyone would arrive by 8:30 or so, but they didn't actually come until 9:15 or so. This worried me as I figured this would take time away from him with us! The press kept whipping people up into a frenzy - getting people to yell for them on camera. Cars kept pulling up and there would be this collective gasp, and then it would be . noone! Well noone we recognized at any rate!

Then Liza Minelli of all people arrived - people went nuts for that. She came with a local Canadian actress, Sheila McCarthy. I thought she was looking pretty good, but was feeling a bit cranky at that point - my feet and back were killing me and the crowds were getting bigger and pushing us forward a bit. All I wanted was to see Orlando!

All I can say is it was totally worth the wait!!!!! Cars started pulling in like crazy. Finally,I saw Aleen (Aileen??) get out of a car, then I KNEW Orlando was in the car too - seconds later, there he was!!! :w00t: The whole place just erupted! God, he is so beautiful!! I can't even describe it and give him any justice - there are absolutely no words to describe how serenely gorgeous he is. He waved to the crowds, signed some autographs right next to the red carpet, then went to the press line. We got to see glimmers of him as he did this, as he was literally right across the street from us. He was wearing a black suit and black shirt and had his hair back in that bun thing. He looked fantastic! :throb: Whenever, he looked at the crowd, I kept waving my DYC, hoping he'd see it. It was so thrilling to realize that it was really Orlando - not a picture, not a video clip, but him, in person. I tried to take pictures, but the distance made everything blurry and everyone near the press was moving around, that I gave up and just stared and stared across the street for any glimpse I could get.

He went into Roy Thomson Hall soon after and I thought at first that was it and felt crushed. I knew he normally signed way more autographs, than what he had done so far. Then some girls next to us asked the security guard if he would come back out as they had a train to catch. The security guard just smiled and told them to wait. So, wait we did!! He came back out after 20 minutes. He, Cameron and Kirsten posed for pictures. Then the friendly security guard came over to us and said Orlando was going to come over - but there was to be no pushing and we weren't to let him down. I told him we wouldn't push at all - but could he please just bring Orlando over to us first? He laughed.

He and Kirsten began going through the crowd. I got Kirsten's autograph for Rosalind. She is just lovely; very tiny. Then Orlando began making his way over. I was going to get him to sign the DYC, then the security guards started yelling to have our pens ready, that it was going to be fast and I worried that it would be too awkward to sign, so I gave him my Entertainment Weekly instead. He signed it, I said thank you and he smiled at me. He has such kind eyes. He really does. He kept thanking everyone for coming and it was like my God, my absolute pleasure, you beautiful man - I'll line up for you any day of the week!! (I didn't actually say that, just thought it!) I think I did say, "it's our pleasure!"

Just as he got close to me, I remember now that people were trying to give him pens to sign with and he said "I've got my own pen, I'm really well-organized tonight!"

He signed for the people after us, then Bailey took my hat to wave at him and somehow it got passed through the crowd to him. He smiled - I know he recognized it right away. He said "aw, very cool!" I called to him and told him it was mine and he smiled at me again and passed it back towards me. I was so delighted when it got passed back to me - my beautiful DYC was now that much more special! Thanks, Bail!

Everything else is a blur - he kept moving down the line signing more. Then he got into a car and was driven off; it was over (he didn't stay for the screening). I'm so happy I didn't get tickets for the movie now, else it would have just been a repeat of last year!

We took some great group shots of us together with our autographs. We were all giggly, truly up on :Cloud9:! It was a marvelous experience and was so much nicer because I got to share it with my fellow Ka-Bloomies!

I didn't get any pictures of Orlando - when he was going by, all I could do was stare at him. My hands were pretty shaky so my pictures would have been crap anyway. Bailey and Rosalind got some great pics. though! Rosalind got pics. of him signing my DYC!!!!

OK, sorry for the long account, but I thought I should get it all down while I remembered it. Thanks to all those in the chatroom earlier who were so excited for us.

I'll edit this as I remember stuff.

Thanks to everyone at Ka-Bloom who makes this place possible. Thanks especially for the DYC - it's our special bond with Orlando. Oh, God, I'm going to start crying now. Happy tears though!

ETA: I should have put this last night - thanks to my wonderful hubby who didn't mind me taking off for most of the day and who is so terrifically accommodating of all this.



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