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(You know my computer is and evil and rebellious machine)

(You know my computer is and evil and rebellious machine)

Okay here goes- I’m going to apologise in advance If I start to babble, but that is exactly what reliving this will do to me, and if I close my eyes, I can still see it all, and feel my heart going ten to the dozen and all!

In answer to A question I got asked earlier by our dear friend Laurie… No Orlando did not get changed in front of me. Though wouldn’t that have been a tale to tell ?! But alas it was not to be…

However I’m going to go through what happened blow by blow (or “Orlando bitch slap” by “ Orlando Bitch slap”!) seeing as that is what I’ve been asked to do.

I don't really know where to begin but I'll save you the talk of the jostling for a place with the others, I'm sure you can imagine for yourselves the sheer volume and excitement of the crowd. I was with 3 of my friends and we met two really lovely young girls who let us stand with them, unfortunately they happened to be beside some…*ahem* Teenyboppers, and not just any kind, the worst kind. Their father was mulling about and at one point even nicely coined the phrase “ Were you born ignorant or have you just grown that way.” Merely because one of the girls stepped aside and said we could take their place because they were moving elsewhere.

Obviously that was some sort of crime because he even got the security guard to move us. How nice?

It was about this time I was thinking “ I’ve travelled for 3 and a half hours to get to London, I’ve braved the tube, though I hate it so, and you’ve walked around the corner to get here 20 minutes before me and think you own the place.” I’m sure. I’m not the only one to have gone through something like this.

Regardless we had to move because of him so instead of being at the front we were now about 3 deep back. When they let you move forward to the other barriers, he kindly hogged and entire section with his outstretched arms, A friend of mine jostled for a HAND on the railing, again the teenybopper complained loudly that she’d been here a whole 20 minutes before hand, and we were moved. Again by the security guard so that they now took up 2 whole barriers and the 4 of us had…well….3 people to reach over.

Anyway enough of the woe’s because, I was in fact- for the most part, standing right alongside the Ka-Bloomies in their yellow hats!

I emailed MTV a while back you see, to ask about TRL, what it entailed, what he was going to be doing, e.t.c out of pure curiosity, and said that I was going to be going down to the premiere.

Even though the only coach back was at 11:30pm, so I’d be waiting a good few hours in the dark with nothing to do. I was prepared to do just that. Promptly a lady from MTV by the name of Debbie requested my phone number and called me up to “talk about Orlando”. Of course that was no hardship so she called and all she would say was to call them on a certain number when I got into Leister Square. That was all I was told.

So once I’d quite finished being teenybopper-ed out I called and she came down to meet me, saying something about a live phone hook up, and would it be okay if I wore a special T-shirt, and thought up a question to ask Orlando.

First Task. What in HELLFIRE was I meant to ask? I never thought I would be in that position and the most helpful suggestion I was given from the people around me was “ Will you marry me?”… Now call me crazy but I think that may have been done before. So I though I’d seek out sense and go and see the yellow brigade!

I made my way over to the group ( yay group!) and I must admit they all did look very confused, and why not I was a total stranger, and as stated in the premiere thread they felt like the information kiosk of Leister Square. Of course I brandished the bag ( good old DYB) and all slowly fell into place. Kudos to you guys, probably the most sensible questions I got the entire day! :damncap:

So I was all set with a question, when Debbie came over again and said there had been a change of plan, Instead of ringing all of us, they were only going to ring one, and actually we were all to ask the same question if run. “ Do you have a celebrity crush, and if so whom?”. I thought perhaps that was treading on thin ice and I had a vague nightmare, just for a moment of two that I was going to look like a complete idiot, standing in a t-shirt with his face across my chest, asking a question which could seem personal. So as I was moved down to join the 4 other people waiting there, right beside the Ka-Bloomies! :Salut: I was getting pretty nervous, stomach butterflies and the likes. My friends all took my stuff back to my original place, because i thought I'd be going back there, they had everything but my phone and a couple of other things.

Then Orlando went by in the car. Waving out the window to all the Ka-Bloomies who looked very pleased! To say the least. ( You know who you are ;) )

He quickly vanished up into the MTV building though and it seemed like no time before we were just staring at him through the window. I can’t quite remember what was going on in my mind when he put the bloomers on, From where I was, I really could not tell what they were, or what he was doing.

And as I was pondering what he was taking off his ankles the phone rang. And my eyes just dropped to it and I think I stood there for all of…oh….about one millisecond, before answering it. It’s at this point I’d like to remind everyone I had NO IDEA what was going on. My mouth was about as dry as it could be and I was actually having trouble talking on the phone, and, well HEARING anything.

Of course now I cringe at the windswept slightly strained look on my face because I know how hard it was to hear but equally…<rant> WHAT WAS MY HAIR DOING!? </rant>

All I remember hearing was “ how would you feel if you could say hello to Orlando Bloom right now?”

Saying “ duh” crossed my mind, but instead I just ended up babbling!

And then: “Claire? Hello Sweetheart how ya doin?”… Now just think for one second, all the things I could have said. All the things I was probably thinking to say, but I just went with the first thing that popped in my head and he asked where I was which lead to much jumping up and down, as you have all seen. Then he was saying he’d come down and say hello…You see I did not hear that on the phone because of the screaming be that good or bad I do not know. All I heard was the last word “ Hello!”

It was that loud down there. Everything from that point onwards was a sort of blur, them saying they were going to bring me into the studio and then then Debbie ( she really was a lovely lady) Grabbing my arm and tugging me away.

Now if my stomach wasn’t filled with butterflies before, it was now until bursting point. I was just running because I was told to run, if id have been told to do backflips I could have <s>tried.</s>

But instead I wound up finding myself on the balcony of the TRL studio wondering how the hell I got here. I looked around the entire place in a sort of daydream, and then to the screens with Orlando on them for some odd reason before finally looking at him and was hit with the sudden realisation that he was looking at me with a grin and had been the entire time. He waved, and I just sort of gave the most pathetic impulse wave back, and was then realised I was standing next to one of the presenters and she was asking if I was alright.

Orlando seemed to like the T-shirt, even though I was sure it would scare him, but what do I know!? I promised Debbie I wouldn’t cry, or go into nervous silence, and I didn’t! ( woo!) So when I was asked if Orlando looked as good in the flesh as he does in the pictures, I just had to say the truth “ better.”

And better it couldn’t get!

Or so I thought.

“Claire. Two tickets. Tonight. Me and you. Cinema. How does that sound?” as he’s holding the tickets.

The second “Duh” passed my mind that night, in the nicest possible way and I could just nod and say “ Thank you so much.”

The next few moments are a blur and I’m standing in the room that Orlando started out in the first time Alex Zane ran in and hugged him. Debbie’s there, photographers there, and Orlando’s agent and publicist.

And they’re talking about how someone’s left Orlando’s suit in the car, and what time his families getting there, and then they turn to me and are asking about the T-shirt saying “It’s nice because Orlando’s cousin took that photo do you know?”

Yeah we knew ;).

And I was actually maintaining myself pretty well, there was another younger girl there and 2 more younger still, I think they may have been people at MTV’s daughter’s, but as Orlando came through the first thing he said to me was “ Hello Darlin’ how are you!” and gave me a proper cuddle. Nuzzle zone included I might add. He was around us for 10 minutes, he talked to me for about 7 of them, squeezing my hand and giving me a few more hugs before I gave him the envelope I’d brought with me, With a necklace from the girls I came with and me, and letters from a few people who had no way of coming but wanted a chance to be involved somehow. He asked what it was and so I told him and he said, in the most sincerest way:

“That is so sweet, thank you so much.” And had a couple of photographs taken with me which MTV promised to send me ( and if they do I will gladly share!) he then went over to the other girl who was in floods of tears and was comforting her, and then had some photos done with the younger kids ( that was sweet),followed by some more taken just with him alone, which I’ve seen up as thumbnails in a few places now. But all the time that was happening he’d look across and smile at me, at the other girls, just completely happy.

And so was I, Orlando Bloom had hand delivered 2 tickets to his premiere! And myself and Debbie both heard him say to his agent “ I’m going to answer them all” as he handed her the envelope I’d given him.

Words can not express what that was all like. He talked to you as if you were totally equal; he asked how you were first and made you feel like you were everything for the whole time he was looking at you.

And yes guys, he smelt of coconut. :lol:

We were waiting while he changed, and waiting outside when he started to go around and sign for everyone. I had to fish my friend out from the audience, or one of the three, the other two happily stayed in the crowd 3 or 4 deep with my digital camera and all my things.

I walked the red carpet for the first and probably only time in my entire life, and it was right next to Orlando as he made so many people’s days. It dawned on me that I’d had nothing signed, but that everyone was just so happy , I’d had my chance and I was so thankful for all that happened, it was everyone else’s turn now. So Grabbing my bag over the crowd but leaving my camera in their hands- just incase, I walked into the theatre, we stood around wondering if we should order drinks or not, just a bottle of water, but as we were ushered to our seats before the true celebrities came in( though there were a few about,) we realised there was a bottle of water on every seat. Now that’s service.

There was one of Orlando, and one of Eva's costumes in a glass case in the cinema Lobby, but sadly i couldnt get a photo of it.

In the theatre, instead of adverts there was Live red carpet footage, we saw Sean Astin and Billy Boyd, Eva and Ridley Scott, it was brilliant, and when they came in, even more so. Ridley made a little speech, he called his cast down to the front and Orlando kissed Ridley's cheek and said “ We would not be here without this man.” And everyone clapped, then they all went to get their seats, Orlando’s being to the centre and only 4 rows and an aisle back from me.

He looked nervous, when I looked back at him, but he needn’t worry. The film was amazing, moving, everything I hoped it would be and he shone guys, you just have to trust me there. At the end everyone cheered.

And that’s what I’m going to leave this on…Because after that nothing really happened, But the cheering I will remember forever. He did Ridley Proud, and he’ll do you all proud too I’m sure of it.

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