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Well, it has happened.

HR met The Man.

And it was beyond what anyone could have expected; she was crying as she told me the story. And I am shaking as I type it here (and trying to read my shaky notes!).

HR and Adrianne (and HR's 3 children) drove up to Elizabethtown this morning, as it was well-known they would be filming there today. I had talked to her earlier, and they were waiting, in a light rain, with a few others.

Within an hour or so, a small crowd had formed (HR estimated around 50), and they were across the street from the State Theatre, where Orlando was apparently filming. And about 45 minutes ago, he came out and ran across the street to meet and greet the fans. :wub:

HR said she was about 3 deep in the crowd, so she did what she could to get noticed: She waved the DYC (for those of you new to the Board, that's the Damn Yellow Cap; we'll recap that story later). Orlando saw it, looked up, and then looked at Geri.

The conversation:

Orlando: "Oh my God, where did you get that?? I lost mine! :( "

Geri: (Stunned) "Here, I want you to have it."

Orlando gently made his way through the fans to get to Geri; he gave her a hug... and a kiss on the cheek, :throb: and proceeded to put the cap on.


She had merely planned to have it signed by him, thinking he'd get a kick out of it.

He then signed a book she had brought with her:


Thanks for my hat - I've missed it. Love, Orlando <insert a drawn smiley face here>

She also asked him about the Dan Eldon project, and he said he is still very interested, but that it's a 'script thing'.

It doesn't end there. A few minutes after he'd gone back to the set, he sent someone out to find Geri. He has something he wants to give her, and asked for her name and address.

I'm wildly jealous, but insanely happy for her; no one deserves it more.

Yes, she took a picture of him in the cap; she is staying in Louisville tonight, and will upload it when she can. I also instructed her to stop at a kinko's to get a scan of the autograph; whether she'll remember, I don't know.

If any more happens, I will let you know.

Oh, and if we weren't before, we are now (and the banner will make a comeback): THE HOME OF THE DYC.

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I know the topic is "meeting Orlando", but I'm going to go off-topic slightly for a moment and focus on Geri.

There are no emoticons, and no words to express how I feel. I cannot put in words how happy I am for Geri. There are lots of great people on this board, but I don't know anyone who is more deserving of this very special enounter than Geri. In the short time since I've joined this board, Geri has taken a special place in my heart, even though I've never actually met her. Not only has she been a perfect PEFIC host and guide, she has been my confidant and source of inspiration on things not necessarily related to gushing THE PRETTY.

I am, literally, in tears as I write this. Tears of jealousy, admittedly, because she has actually lived the kind of scenario encounter I've dreamed a dozen nights about, tears born of other things happening in my life, but more than that, tears of joy for and pride in, our "HR"

Going in search of kleenex now.

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For those who weren't around, what, last early Fall, here's a condensed version of the DYC story (which was lost in The Big Crash):

It had become an inside joke here that I hated the cap - hence the name Damn Yellow Cap - and she loved it. She found out (I believe it was posted over at the OB Files) that one was available on eBay, and she put her bid in on it. She had previously attempted to find one on the internet, and a ka-Bloomie even went as far as contacting 3M to try and secure one; but they were an old item, and long ago sold out.

Unfortunately, the publicity throughout Orlando fandom jacked up the price pretty quickly - and out of her price range. :(

But thanks to an outpouring of support from ka-Bloomies - I'm talking cash money here - she was able to win the auction and secure the Damn Yellow Cap.

I see the cap now as a gift to Orlando from Geri, and all of us. Such a fitting end to the DYC saga (and I doubt that it's over yet!).


Oh, BTW - she also has the T-Shirt. Another eBay win. :lol:

And may I take this opportunity to pimp suggest a trip to our Cafe Press shop - of Damn Yellow Stuff?

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I just talked with Geri, and they spotted the production assistant driving the car/truck which transports Orlando daily - and the DYC was hanging from the rear-view mirror.


They're hanging around because he is expected to come out again after they wrap for the day, which is his usual M.O. Yes, there is a bit of a crowd - all the locals and some not-so-locals.

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I'm sitting here at MB53's desk in Louisville and my heart is yet pounding and I am afraid to sleep lest it all be a dream, too good to be true.

No doubt, you have all read Jan's account of my encounter as I tearfully described it to her over the phone today, but nothing...NOTHING can describe how down-to-earth and wonderful he is. :cry:

I stood in the queue of fans three deep waiting for him and when his eyes caught sight of the yellow 3M Automotive trucker cap that I won on ebay last year with the support of my fellow kabloomies, his face (which had been downcast signing autographs in a most friendly and courteous way) absolutely LIT UP.

Orlando: Oh my God! Where did you get that!!!

Me: I'm embarassed to tell you how much I paid for it on ebay.

Orlando: You did NOT get that on ebay!

Me: Yeah! I really did.

He proceeded to tell me how much he loved that hat, and how it was his favorite hat of all time and that he had lost his. I immediately and without reservation told him that I wanted for him to have the one he was now holding in his hand.

His jaw dropped. "Really? You want me to have it?"

"Yes, absolutely! Will you wear it?"

He was incredulous and he smiled so beautifully and his dimples could have been picked on on satellite. "Oh my god, thank you so much....I love you." ( I don't remember him saying this, but the girls there said he did) "I'll wear it right now!"

And he put it on, holding it from the front and back. I remember putting my hand up to my mouth and laughing and saying something like "Oh my god."

He smiled and giggled at my reaction and then stepped forward and put his arm around me and hugged me really tight and said thank you while he was hugging me. This was no polite little squeeze. He full on hugged me like you would expect from a close mate. I had a tote bag in one hand and he had a pen in the other, so I only managed to hug him back with one arm.

Then he pressed his lips quickly and fleetingly to my cheek. I died.

How is it that I am here posting this? I don't know. Perhaps I will wake up tomorrow and all of this will have been a dream. But then again, Orlando said himself....

"If you dream it, and you believe it, anything can happen."

After he left me, two of his assistant came back to me and said that Orlando wanted to give me something personalized, especially from him. They said he was so happy with his hat and had sent them to find me. I gave them a binder I had brought with me which contained People and the Dec. issue of GQ (and some things that other people stuck inside there for him to sign) and they returned it to me a little while later. He'd signed both of my magazines with my name (spelled correctly!!) and with his full autograph. He also signed a notebook for me when I was with him, which read:

Geri: Thanks for my hat...I've missed it. Love, Orlando Bloom.

I'll post a picture of the autograph when I get home. I also got a picture of him wearing the cap, since he, like a boy on Christmas morning, couldn't wait to put it on. :rolleyes: I had adjusted the hat band before I went up to KY, guessing what notch would fit him. It was perfect. I'll never forget how he bent and shaped the brim of the cap before he put it on. His smiled really big and seemed totally chuffed. :wub:

He was absolutely precious and it's an experience I'll never, EVER forget. :heart:

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