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MPAA Changes Rating from "R" to PG-13


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Per The Wrap, the MPAA has changed their rating for The Good Doctor, knocking it down from an "R" to "PG-13". That should help at the box office!

The MPAA announced Tuesday that it had reversed its earlier R rating for the upcoming Orlando Bloom drama "The Good Doctor," knocking it down to a PG-13 on appeal.

The indie film, which stars Bloom as physician Martin Blake and Riley Keough as his patient, was originally slapped with an R rating for “some crude sexual references” by the MPAA's Classification and Rating Administration.

However, with the reversal, the movie will be rated PG-13 for “thematic material, disturbing situations and some crude sexual content.”

In the movie, Bloom's character befriends his 18-year-old patient, who's suffering from a kidney ailment, but begins tampering with her treatment when she begins to improve in an effort to keep her near him.

The decision to reverse the rating was made following arguments by Jonathan King and Julia Lebedev, the film's producers.

This isn't the only time that the MPAA's judgment has been successfully called into question; last year, the rating for the Ryan Gosling/Michelle Williams drama "Blue Valentine" was knocked down to an R from an NC-17 -- generally, the kiss of commercial death for a film -- after a protest by the film's distributor, The Weinstein Company, which argued that the sex scenes in the movie were filmed tastefully.

However, the appeals board usually upholds the MPAA's original ratings decision.

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