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The Good Doctor will be shown on Saturday, October 8th at 6.00pm - Sequoia Theatre, Mill Valley, CA.

And on Monday, October 10th at 9,30pm - Smith Rafael Film Center, San Rafael, CA.

First-year doctor Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom) is earnest, diligent, industrious and eager to please. But after becoming obsessed with his patient Diane (Riley Keough), his commitment to the Hippocratic Oath begins a slippery slide into morally and ethically ambiguous territory. Blake is a complex character, obsessed and lonely, unassuming yet hungering for acceptance and respect, especially from the chief (Rob Morrow), a nurse (Taraji P.Henson) and an orderly (Michael Pena). Dr. Blake believes that he is doing the right thing even when reality forcefully contradicts his judgment. All of these elements work to create a film that is both character study and thriller. In his first American production, director Lance Daly refrains from easy moralizing, leaving it to the audience—and Bloom's complex, wonderfully restrained performance—to create its own commentary on what has increasingly become a purgatory for doctors, patients and the healthcare system in general.

—Melissa Howden

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I have reached the home unit and have eaten and now I am on my computer rather than my iphone, so I can give a fuller report. But first, let me say, that logistically my meet up with Jan was very problematic, so even now Jan is on her way home dinnerless and I was a rather cranky companion. Never the less, we saw the movie and we had a good visit, so all is not lost.

The Good Doctor is a very creepy film. I would call it a thriller. And it is very hard to watch Orlando be a bad guy. I am predisposed to like any character he plays and Dr. Martin Blake is sympathetic but ultimately unlikeable. I don't want to give away too much, but he's a lonely insecure young doctor who does bad things in order to make friends and win approval from his colleagues. And then does more bad things to cover up his activity. I haven't read Crime and Punishment since high school, but think Raskolnikov without the political motivations and introspection.

There was good acting through out, Orlando does a good job and as far as I am qualified to judge, the directing was excellent. I'd give it 4 stars out of 5.

When this movie comes to a theater near you or out on DVD or blue ray I think you'll like it, so get out there and support independent film and Orlando Bloom. I definitely plan to see it again because Martin Blake has incredible eyelashes.


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Like aliza said - he was REALLY creepy in this, and I don't mean just the haircut. The Dr was a genuinely nasty piece of work, no matter what his motivations (but I think the desperate need for respect was the main issue). The guy was, well, creepy even when he wasn't 'at work'. I'm surprised that someone with all his issues even made it through medical school (though I'm sure there are some sociopathic doctors out there!). The only person he was able to relate to on any level was Riley Keogh's character (and she was terrific, I thought). After she's gone, all bets are off.

It was definitely a thriller, because every time anything happened (hard to describe the specifics as I don't want to spoil it for anyone), it didn't turn out the way you would expect. Even the ending was a surprise.

I agree with aliza, 4 out of 5 stars (it certainly wasn't perfect) - a very interesting 'little' film, and I would have enjoyed it without Orlando - though it was great to see him in this type of role.

Like SforD, I doubt it would have wide appeal outside of film festivals and perhaps a limited release to art houses, but I don't think that was the point. It was well acted (all around), and well directed - I really liked the look of the film.

(And yeah, most of the rest of the 'experience' was a mess - but the most important part worked out. aliza and I still managed to have a good time. :) )

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Aliza and Jan - thank you for your reviews, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the film.

I was fortunate enough to go see the movie yesterday night with my husband. :shiny: We both really enjoyed the film. I liked the fact that you really never knew what was going to happen next. There were certain times in the movie where I felt nervous. For me Dr. Blake was lonely and trying to do what he could to be a good, respected doctor. Eventually his true nature comes out and he does many things that are unethical. Like Aliza and Jan said, Dr. Blake is creepy. Definitely not used to seeing Orlando play this sort of character.

I knew this movie was a serious one but I was surprised to find a little bit of humor in it. There were a handful of times when the audience laughed. That was a nice surprise. There where also times where the audience gasped as well. I thought that was a good sign. :) The ending was unexpected and the men behind me said "That was a good way to end the movie."

I gave the movie a 5. It entertained me, it surprised me, it made me want to know what would happened next. After the movie I was very curious to see what other people where giving the movie. Since they took their time turning on the light after the movie was over everyone went outside to vote and many used the wall to write. I saw a lot of people give the movies 4's and 5's.

After the movie I over heard two women talking in the restroom, one being pregnant. The non-pregnant women says "Did you see The Good Doctor?" And the pregnant women says no that she saw another one. The women then tells her "Good, it was a good movie but don't watch it until after you have your baby." :lol: Orlando and the film was very convincing.

Another interesting thing was before the movie was shown a woman presented it and said she wanted to talk a bit about the movie. The interesting part is she mainly talked about Orlando and his performance in the movie. She said that the movie is carried by its performances and that makes it not only work but be interesting. Right before the movie started she said "Enjoy Orlando's performance" which I was not expecting her to say. I thought she was going to say "Enjoy the movie."

I hope everyone gets an opportunity to see this movie. You will enjoy it. :2thumbs:

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