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I just finished watching Main Street and I really enjoyed it. I don't want to say too much because I don't want to give anything away but I can say this, it was a very nice movie and everyone did a great job in it. The story was easy to follow and it definitely drew me in to what was happening to the small town, the people that live there and the decisions that they have to make.

Now onto Orlando, I really enjoyed Orlando as Officer Harris Parker and he had all the characteristics of a Police Officer right down to the way he was walking and I loved his Southern accent. And the scenes between him and Amber were really great. And the accident scene with him and Colin towards the end was very well done and I can't wait for you guys to see it.

So I definitely highly recommend this movie and I hope you all get the chance to see it. :hug:

Kim :police:

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I've seen Main Street, and yes, it was 2:00 AM. What can I say, relatives. :beatsme:

The first thing that struck me was how naturally Orlando slipped into the role of Officer Harris Parker. The accent was perfect as far as I am concerned as well as the physicality of the character. There was one line that just made me smile.

It was a scene between Harris and his mother. She is concerned with all the hours he's putting in at work and school. He tells her he's going to be alright, but it sounds like "Ah'm on be awrite, Mama."

Also, I don't see the problem with the editing. I don't feel the movie is too slow, and I had no problem following each characters' story line.

The only thing I had a problem with was

how fast Georgiana Carr and Willa fell under the spell of Gus Leroy's smooth talk.

It is a movie that has a lot to say, and says it very well.

As usual, it's much better than some critics would have you believe, and you should make every effort to see it.

(Gee, that was unnecessary advice, wasn't it?)

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Kim told me a bit ago that it was available and I finally had a chance to check. I located "Main Street" on Comcast's "On Demand" lineup and viewed it a couple of nights ago. I might as well use some of this vacation time for something pleasurable, right? :cheesy:

I enjoyed the film, but mainly I was looking for Orlando. Other than a few commercials, 7 much too brief minutes in "New York, I Love You" and his turn at Hamlet a few months ago I haven't seen him in anything new since "Pirates 3" and I've missed him. :quiver: It's been a LONG FOUR YEARS without seeing much of my guy.

Here's my take on the film:


I thought Orlando was very believable as Office Harris Parker. Kim's correct, he even walked like a cop. He was very believable and I was also quite impressed with his Southern accent. It was (to me) even more difficult for him to pulll it off because he's British and had to "go American" and then "go Southern" with his "drawl". It wasn't too much, as some of the others in the film (and other films that take place in the South or with characters from the South) are/were a bit guilty of. I liked his calm in a crisis demeanor. Not just with the way he dealt with the accident, but Mary potentially leaving and his mother's "hovering".

Colin Firth is a great actor, but I wasn't as impressed with his performance in this one. I couldn't tell if he (Gus) was interested in Willa (Patricia Clarkson) or just wanted her to work for him. He also seemed quite surprised on what could potentially happen if there was a hazardous waste accident, and I thought his training should have covered that possibility. His accent also left something to be desired. It was like he was trying too hard. . . or something. Not enough "Texas twang", too much "Southern Good Ole' Boy", maybe. :beatsme:

Amber's portrayal of Mary was confusing to me. She loves Harris, but she dates other men? She didn't react like most Southern women would when she found out her "boyfriend" was married with two children, I can tell you that! She decides very quickly to leave and says goodbye to her parents like it's an afterthought. I don't know, her character just lacked something. Passion? I didn't like her accent either, too forced. As a Southern (all my dang life) woman, I consider myself an expert on a believable Southern accent. :P

Patricia Clarkson (Willa) was SO Southern I checked on her and sure enough, she's from New Orleans (N'orlens). Her calm, strong presence was just perfect. I literally couldn't take my eyes off her when she was on screen. I could say much more, but I'd end up talking only about her for the rest of this review. That's how impressed with her performance I was.

Ellen Burstyn as Georgiana Carr was brilliant! It's hard to believe she's from Detroit, because she had her older Southern Belle character nailed. She was strong, but fragile. She was confused, but with it enough to know to lean on her niece, Willa, for support. I felt like she was the center of the film and all of the twists and tales of the film revolved around her.

The most disappointing thing for me was the ending. I wasn't sure what happened next. Did Mary stay or go? Did Willa and Gus get together romantically or not? Did Gus try to improve things with his company or just up and quit? Did Harris finish his law degree or continue to be a cop? Where did Georgiana end up moving to after selling her house? I had many other questions, as well, but those are the highlights.

I won't go into any more details about the story or the other characters, but I will say that if you love Orlando (as we all do here) definitely see this movie. It's not perfect, but it's well worth watching.

I plan on purchasing the movie (of course), as I always want a copy of Orlando's films. I also plan on viewing it again. That studly Officer Harris Parker can arrest me just about any ole' time. :wub:

- Pam -

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Hey, ladies, I am so glad y'all are finally getting to see Main Street. Yes, it has its flaws, but also many fine points. Such as Orlando.

As Pam said, Patricia Clarkson and Ellen Burstyn were just extraordinarily good in their roles. And of course dear Officer Parker, even in his minor role, steals the screen when he is on it. The scene in the kitchen with his mama and the one in the car at the end. Well. Those just took my breath away. I remember at the theatre, when he appeared taking up that big screen, my heart skipped about three beats. I hadn't seen him on the big screen since the original Pirates!

It's been almost a year now since Hey Sailor and I did our crazy one-day road trip to and from Indianapolis to see it and I'm excited to see it again soon.

Amazon is showing Main Street available for pre-order, with DVD release on November 15. And my SFD Blu-ray just arrived, and T3M is on the horizon for theatres. Now all we need is the Good Doctor and we'll be in true hog heaven!

Pam, enjoy your vacation! You deserve every minute of it.

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That studly Officer Harris Parker can arrest me just about any ole' time.

And he can take me, too and I'll bring the doughnuts! :choc: :hott:

Sure, Shadow, you bring the doughnuts, I'll bring the handcuffs. :naughty:

Well I finally saw THE movie. Kim and Pam wrote really good reviews and I can’t add much more to that.

Orlando was great in this. Besides Jimmy in TCK, I think this is the first role I’ve seen him in which his down-to-earth personality really shows. Since he’s played some larger-than-life roles(Legolas, Will, and to a lesser extent Balian) or characters dealing with life-changing experiences(Joe Byrne, Drew), it’s nice to see him play an ordinary man with an ordinary life. And be so sweet and gentlemanly with the ladies. :sigh: His accent was very good too, sounding a lot like a real Southerner. Plus he looks mighty fine in that police officer uniform.

I also agree that Ellen Burstyn and Patricia Clarkson were very good in their roles. Colin Firth, bless his heart, is usually a great actor, but he was miscast in this role. I think he spent so much time trying to sound like a Southerner(which didn’t really work) that he didn’t make the character as outgoing and charismatic as he should have been. It could have been the script’s fault too.

I didn’t realize until seeing the movie that Margo Martindale played Harris’ mother. She’s probably best known for playing mothers from hell, such as Hillary Swank’s cruel mother in Million Dollar Baby or the ruthless criminal mother in the TV series Justified (which she was just nominated for an Emmy Award). Although his mother was needy and a bit overbearing, I think Harris has it easy in comparision. :teehee:

My take on Harris and Mary:

I think they were high school sweethearts, who somewhere down the road split up. They stayed friends and saw each other at times "as friends" Harris tells his mother, "We aren't in high school anymore". Still I didn't like how Mary treated Harris, knowing he still carried a torch for her, and yet she is dating a sleazy guy like her boss. It likely wasn't until Harris told her he loved her that she realized she still loved him too.

I agree with Pam in that given how leisurely the movie's pace was, the ending seemed abrupt. I think a few more lines or maybe one last scene at the end could have tied up the loose ends:

My feeling is Georgiana moved in with Willa since Willa was living by herself and they had a good relationship.

Maybe if Horton Foote had lived to see the movie when it was filming, he could have made enough changes to tie up the loose ends. Still, Mr. Foote likely would be proud of the movie that was made.

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I just went on a little airplane jaunt, so I downloaded Main Street through itunes and watched it on my phone.

It was a lovely little movie, quite enjoyable and yet serious. I thought all of the acting was fine and I didn't notice problems with accents, but that maybe because I was watching on a noisy airplane and because I'm a yankee.

I thought Orlando was quite good in his role. I too loved the scenes with his mother. He was so good at expressing the love, respect and exasperation he felt when she was talking at him.

If I had a quibble, it's that I wanted more, I felt like there was so much more to the story and I wanted more filled in. Never the less, I found the story intriguing and I will definitely buy the DVD when it is available.

Highly recommended.

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Hello, ladies.

I ordered the movie from NetFlix and got to watch it with hubby last week.

I really enjoyed the movie and my husband was quite impressed with the plot. Said it's one of those movies that makes you think about choices we have made/have to make.

I thought the casting was quite good and enjoyed Orlando's role as a small town southern cop. He played out the frustration with his mom and the resignation with his relationship with Mary. Colin impressed me as well with the angst he seemed to feel over what happened with the canisters.

However, I do have to say I wanted more. I wanted a more thorough picture of things at the end of the movie, but like the way it ended with you thinking the characters would make some significant choices based on what happened.

Those of you that haven't seen it yet, it's definitely worth getting your hands on!

Lisa Q

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Okay, I just bought my copy of Main Street from Target a few days ago. I just watched it tonight. I was very well impressed. I'd never heard Colin Firth with an American accent, let alone a Southern accent, and I was quite impressed. I wasn't sure what to think of Ellen Burstyn or Patricia Clarkson, though. Of course, Orlando playing a cop was my favorite! The Southern accent was perfect, his mannerisms as a cop were also spot-on. :hott:

As for the characters, Georgiana was quite a pleasant character. I got the feeling there was something between Willa and Gus that didn't develop. I absolutely disliked Mary. I just got the feeling that she was really insensitive towards her parents, especially when she barely said goodbye. I wanted to shake her when she called Harris a "loser." Harris loved her and she was quite mean to him. I felt bad every time Harris called her and it went to voice-mail. I thought Harris was quite the gentleman, especially the way he talked to his "Mama." I really felt for him.


All in all, I was quite impressed. I thought it was a short, sweet movie. I'm glad I bought it. :thumbsup:

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Shadow, I am really happy to know that you enjoyed "Main Street". :cheer2: I got my DVD for Christmas and I watched it that night and agree with everything you said in your review, especially about what you said about Mary. I was like how can she say that to Harris, just because he wants to stay in Durham doesn't make him a loser! I also thought Orlando made a perfect Police Officer, he had all the mannerisms of an Officer right down to the way he was walking. :police:

I love this movie and I am so happy to finally have it on my DVD Shelf. :yahoo:


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I’ve joined the Kabloomies who have now seen Main Street. I received a new DVD player for a Christmas gift and am now back in the movie-watching business! My copy of Main Street arrived this week and I settled in to watch it last night.

I liked it very much. Within a few minutes, the skill of its cast had drawn me in emotionally and, very quickly, I was reaping the benefit of this nifty collection of very talented actors. The “little slice of life” tale is one of my favorite styles, and Main Street reminded me of a couple others I have loved… The Station Agent from 2003 and more recently, Cairo Time (2009). Interestingly, both starred Patricia Clarkson (who is always a favorite of mine); Bobby Canavale and Alexander Siddig appeared in them – it seemed for a moment I was playing a game of Six Degrees of Orlando Bloom. :teehee:

With Main Street Orlando was, I thought, in good company and right up there in skill level with the brilliant Ellen Burstyn and Colin Finch. They are masters at slipping into a character and telling an audience so much about them without a ton of dialog. They do it with physical and facial acting that gives you as much information as a situation or speech.

I thought Finch conveyed his self-assured Texan with great skill, his smooth, practiced character flip-flopping overnight after the shocking accident that released him to drastically alter the role he was living. I didn't think he was so miscast - this is a very versatile actor and I thought his portrayal was a good one. Texans don't all have drawly southern accents, so he convinced me. I loved the way he managed to make me wonder if he was on the up-and-up or fostering some sneaky scheme. Don't think that was evident in the dialog - perhaps only in Willa's suspicions - but it was there.

My heart went out instantly to Burstyn as a rather frightened, bewildered elderly Southern lady trying desperately to hold her crumbling world together. She had me tearing up at times and I just wanted to comfort and reassure her.

Mary seemed to be an unsympathetic character, but consider this: she was young, her family was sadly inept, and she’d just been “had” by a using womanizer who then fired her from her job. She was wounded, felt alone, with slim prospects. Most of her friends had moved elsewhere; she was struggling to survive in what seemed a hopeless place. No wonder she was ready to run.

Orlando’s Officer Harris Parker was spot on as a young man living with disappointment, anger and frustration with his circumstances whose pride and determination were driving him to change. His scenes with his mother displayed well the “coiled spring” aspect of his personality and his positive, hopeful outlook made a great note to end the film. The Brits say that a Southern American accent comes easily to them and his gentle version seemed to be just right. (There are a gazillion “southern” accents anyway, so I rarely get annoyed with any actor’s version.) (Fangirl note: I hate that haircut on him. :nope: )

The story itself was a good one, economically told and leaving many options open for its audience to write their own endings. With its story of a sad little group struggling to make sense of a changing world and its possible futures, Main Street was just the kind of character-driven story I love. The writer's and actors' skill told us a lot about these people in a short hour and a half movie. I know I’ll return to it.

The DVD itself is pretty much just the movie, though. The deleted scenes are 2 – one of Mary sitting on her bed emoting and weeping. And Georgiana on her porch swing doing the same. The “behind the scenes” feature was a few minutes of some dull footage of the crew shooting the movie. :blink:

I’ll give it a B+. :thumbsup: Good film, I’m glad I finally got to see it. I hope Orlando continues to play in the Independent film world.

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