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Boss Orange supports UNICEF


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Today. To Help. Together.

Limited edition for a charitable purpose. German fashion brand Hugo Boss has launched a charity campaign for its casual line Boss Orange in order to support the Unicef project “Schools for Africa”. The campaign’s slogan is “Today. To Help. Together.” and is printed on 5000 T-Shirts which are available in select Boss Stores in 10 countries. The project is supported by a Boss Orange fragrance campaign starring testimonials Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom.



Boss Orange supports Africa

Every child has the right to education. But south of the Sahara in Africa, many families are too poor to pay for school materials for their children. The proceeds from every perfume order from Boss Orange contributes directly to the project "Schools for Africa" ​​and in helping the children to a better future. The aim is to enable children in eleven African countries to get a good basic education. For a solid education it's a great opportunity. Get involved - commitment now smells particularly good!

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I remember when Orlando did the photo shoot for this campaign so I am glad to see it has started. :2thumbs:

This is also perfect because Orlando is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF so they definitely got the right person to do this. :wub:

Thank you Rene for bringing this over and I hope they raise lots of money for a great cause. :hug:


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Those were wonderful clips and I agree with everything that Orlando and Sienna said in those videos. In Orlando's video I definitely remember his trip to Nepal and his visit with Rita and how he helped her carrying one of those baskets with the water container inside it and he almost passed out from it but for Rita was like second nature to her, my heart went out to her, her family and all the other children that are still in need. So I hope this campaign is a huge success. :wub:

Thank you very much Rene for bringing over the video clips. :hug:


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There's more information about the Schools for Africa initiative in this article from Campaign:

Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom star in Hugo Boss African schools campaign

Hugo Boss's fragrance brand Boss Orange has released a campaign featuring its celebrity brand ambassadors Sienna Miller and Orlando Bloom, to promote a charity tie-up with Unicef to aid the development of schools in Madagascar.

In a video ad, Bloom and Miller outline the nature of the 'Today. To Help. Together' initiative between Boss Orange and Unicef and its aims.

The campaign, which has been created by Steve Elston, Izzy Critchley-Salmonson and Angela Harding at Grey London, will run online, in press ads and in Hugo Boss stores. Media buying and planning is handled by MediaCom.

Boss Orange has made an initial donation of $300,000 (£185,000) to the 'Schools for Africa' initiative, which aims to provide disadvantaged children with access to quality education.

Boss Orange will equip pre-school classrooms with furniture and basic stationery in remote communities and aid the training of pre-school teachers.

It is anticipated that approximately 60,000 pre-school children will benefit from the campaign investment.

Bruno Maes, Unicef Madagascar resident representative, said: "At Unicef, we believe that a good start in life is the basis for securing the rights of children.

"Very often children are not given that chance – only 7% of children aged three to seven years old in Madagascar attend preschool and half of six-year-olds cannot correctly say their name or age, meaning they are not prepared for primary schooling.

"This support from Boss Orange will improve the chances of approximately 60,000 children to access early childhood education, and equip them for life."

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