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According to MovieScore Magazine, Patrick Doyle is responsible for the Main Street score:

Patrick Doyle is doing the score for the feature film helming debut by John Doyle, Main Street, starring Orlando Bloom, Colin Firth and Patricia Clarkson. The film is produced by 1984 Films and takes place in a sleepy Southern town where the arrival of a stranger (Firth) changes the lives of its residents. The script is by Horton Foote, an industry veteran who won Oscars for Tender Mercies and To Kill a Mockingbird and died on March 4 this year aged 92. John and Patrick Doyle are not related but Maggie Rodford, Patrick’s agent, tells MovieScore Magazine that the two know each other from college days!
If you take a look at his imdb listing, you've no doubt seen many of the films he has scored.
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