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I mentioned in the poster art thread about seeing the actual poster at a theater in downtown Portland, OR. Well as such, I was so hoping the trailer would be shown as I have often been doing over the past few weeks. Always ending in disappointment. And sitting in the theater, watching one trailer and then a second trailer, then a third, I was on my way to disappointment again. Until there, across the entire screen. . . the New York skyline! I thought, is this it? I was afraid to get my hopes up when the next shot came of all the people moving through Grand Central Station. It was the trailer! :clap: Highlight of which, of course, was Orlando's face filling up half of that giant movie screen. Two years without that is just too damn long. Those big beautiful brown eyes wide open as he answers his front door :faint: . I am one happy camper. Especially since now I know for sure that I'll get to see this movie outside of New York and Los Angeles. I was going to try to get back home to LA to see it but circumstances recently has made that impossible at present. But now, no worries, it's coming to where I am. It can't open soon enough. :cheer2: :cheer2:

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