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Australia Unites–The Victorian Bushfire Appeal


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Orlando has lent his time and support to the effort to raise money for the fire victims in Australia by manning the telephones at the call centre.

There's a video up at YouTube showing a short interview with Orlando from the phone bank, talking about his amazement with the unity of the Australian people.

What a lovely guy. :sheangel:

ETA: Here's the embedded video - we'll convert it later on. :)

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I am grinning from cheek to cheek. Such a sweet and caring person. Is it possible to love him even more? His willingness to help others is absolutely amazing.

That is about as coherant as I can be right now. He is such a sweetie. :iheart:

Thank you Geri for bringing us the news and clip. It has made my day. :hug:

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First, awww. "Not only is my heart in Australia" and then then the pic of said smiling heart. Be still my beating heart! Too sweet for words! :wub:

"If you can pull in a half a million dollars each call, you can stay as long as you like". Had to laugh right out loud at that!

And of course, we're not surprised by his generosity of time. His graciousness knows no boundaries.

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Can we love him more than we already do? Yes, we can!

He's always there when an important matter needs help. Very impressive!

Thanks, Geri, for the video and I couldn't help noticing the hair (it's not a wig after all) and the suspenders. :sigh:


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Thank you so much Geri for bringing over the video clip from YouTube! :hug:

I am so proud of Orlando and I knew without a doubt he would want to do something to help out so I am not surprised. He has proven to us once again just how much he cares about the world around him. :throb:

Thank you Orlando for being the caring and generous person that you are and I couldn't be more prouder of you than I am right now. :iheart:


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Article from Perth Now


AUSTRALIANS continue to offer support for victims of Victoria's bushfires, with more than $75 million raised so far to help fire-ravaged communities rebuild their lives.

But the acts of generosity come amid a fresh firebug attack, and as fears mount arsonists were responsible for the Marysville blaze that may have killed as many as 100 people, one-fitth of the town's population.

Police are today hunting an arsonist whose actions threatened the Mornington Peninsula town of Baxter last night, as the Nine Network aired its bushfire relief telethon.

The fire was deliberately lit and "had the potential of becoming a major fire in the area, which is tinder dry'', a Victoria spokesman said.

Country Fire Authority crews put out the fire before it took hold.

Sergeant Michael Lamb of Hastings police said he was shocked by the incident as he nations digs deep for victims of the Victoria fires.

"There was a telethon for victims of bushfires and somebody goes out and does this.'' he said.

Victoria Police Commissioner Christine Nixon said yesterday evidence was building to suggest the inferno was deliberately lit.

"There are a number of the other fires that fire investigators believe have been suspicious because of the way the fire behaved, and there's the suggestion that perhaps the Marysville fire was deliberately lit," she said.

Generosity makes me proud - Rudd

A host of A-listers turned out on Channel 9's Australia Unites telethon, aimed at keeping up the momentum of fundraising efforts with heavy promotion of the Red Cross appeal.

Speaking on the program, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the outpouring of generosity from individuals and companies to those caught in the weekend's horrific bushfires had made him feel proud to be an Australian.

"Back on Australia Day I was saying a few things about what the spirit of Australia is all about," he said.

"It's about courage, it's about resilience and it's about compassion - you know, looking after your mates and looking after your neighbours and people you haven't actually even met before.

"And what I see across the response to floods in the north and these terrible fires in the south, are all those great Australian values and virtues on display in a very practical Australian way. "

Details of a national memorial service and a day of mourning to remember the victims of the bushfires would be announced very soon, Mr Rudd said.

"It's important that the nation has a formal opportunity to grieve," he said.

Emergency warning system a priority

He also said an emergency warning system that would send text or voice messages to land lines and mobile telephones to help avert such tragedies was high on the Government's agenda.

Victoria had wanted the early warning system operational in time for this year's bushfire season, but privacy and data-security restrictions in the Telecommunications Act, combined with interstate squabbling over funding had caused delays.

"It has been bouncing between governments since about 2003," Mr Rudd said.

"I am determined to see this thing implemented across the nation in a nationally consistent way as rapidly as possible in the year ahead.

"We have to make this happen. If it means cracking heads to ensure it happens we'll do that."

Stars do their bit for bushfire appeal

Celebrities who appeared to support Nine's telethon included politicians, musicians, actors and sports stars.

Colin Hay belted out his 1980s Men at Work hit Down Under, while Jimmy Barnes sang Working Class Man, and Shannon Noll and Kate Ceberano performed Don't Give Up.

Also supporting the appeal were actors Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Orlando Bloom and models Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr.

"I was on the phone to a little six-year-old boy who donated $136, which was really sweet," Kerr said.

"I had another couple that donated $2,000 so it's really good to be involved and to see the spirit of everyone coming together and helping out in every way that they can."

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Can we love him more than we already do? Yes, we can!


I fall in love just a little bit more each time he does something like this. He is so much more than an adorable actor! How many people would want to spend their Valentines Day like this? Go Orlando.

To be as vague as possible. Someone "close" to Orlando was quoted in regard to the press, as saying (and I paraphrase) He is just a regular person, he has two arms, two legs. It's not like he saves lives or anything.

After viewing this and the Napal videos, I have to differ. I think he does a lot toward saving lives. Of course it just goes to show our guy has his head screwed on right, as my mom would say.

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Thanks, Geri, Jan and Jules. That someone or several someones would deliberately set fires in rain-starved, tinder dry areas is unbelievable, unconscionable and in plain speak, out and out murder.

Thanks to Orlando, and all the other well known actors, musicians, sports figures and no doubt just plain folk who are manning the phones.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Australia.


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One more:TV Tonight


It may have been a star-studded affair, but it was a night for the survivors, as a concert in Whittlesea brought smiles to the faces of those lucky enough to attend a free concert.

They were but a few of the survivors of the disastrous fires that had impacted on communities right across the State of Victoria.

Television, film, music, radio, fashion and sporting stars came out in force for the Nine Network’s Australia Unites, leaving behind network alliances and helping to raise a whopping figure of $21,502,485 by 2.15am.

Orlando Bloom was manning phones, Russell Crowe organised a benefit in NSW, while messages of support were sent from Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Simon Baker, kd lang, Rachel Griffiths and Rob Lowe, Ellen deGeneres, Anthony LaPaglia and Gia Carides, Hugh Jackman and Deborah Lee Furness and Cameron Daddo.

Performers included Men at Work, Jimmy Barnes, The Living End, Lee Kernaghan, Jessica Mauboy, Kate Ceberano and Shannon Noll, Angry Anderson and John Williamson.

Numerous television celebrities were on hand, frpm present, past and several from TEN. Prime Minister Rudd, premiere John Brumby, Christine Nixon, radio’s Neil Mitchell, Ross Stevenson and John Farnham all chatted with host Eddie McGuire.

While special thanks go to all involved in this event, particularly volunteers, it is the CFA firefighters and emergency workers who deserve absolute praise this week.

All funds go to the Red Cross.

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