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I mentioned this elsewhere -- can't remember in which thread. I saw OST, and was somewhat disappointed. I've enjoyed the franchise and wanted to see if this movie was a worthy successor to the original trilogy. It wasn't IMO.

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I saw POTC4: OST for the second time yesterday and I really enjoyed it (again). I will sometimes see movies multiple times because after the first viewing I tend to relax a bit and can take in more details on a repeat viewing.

For example, when Blackbeard makes his first appearance I noticed that the braids in his beard are burning embers right at the tips. I didn't notice this the first time around. It makes him appear more menacing (somehow). I also noticed how he twisted his hands to have the ropes on the ship do what he wanted them to do. I thought the control was somehow in his sword, but it was more in his hand gestures, I think.

Oh, and I REALLY enjoyed the swarms of manipulative, vicious mermaids! They were really beautiful, but also dangerous and very scary. :scare:

If funds allow I'm going to purchase the DVD and I anxiously await the other two films. Yes, I said TWO. There are tentative plans to make two more. I, personally, can't wait! :yess:

- Pam -

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I saw it in 3-D, and I'd like to see it again in 2-D. After one viewing, I'm still mixed. Honestly, I think it should've ended with AWE. I don't think there is a strong enough story line to keep it going like Star Wars was able to do or like Harry Potter has done. That said, Disney is like any other mega-business who is out to make money, and the POTC franchise has done that for them.

Two reasons why I saw the film were that I wanted to support Orlando's former cast members, plus I like the character of Jack Sparrow. I also love Mr. Gibbs. :blush:

I have to admit that it wasn't the best POTC movie, but it also wasn't the weakest.

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