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Fools Rush In

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From an online article:

Orlando Bloom and Bill Carter are arriving to Sarajevo tomorrow.

Together wit the stars director Andrucha Waddington will be arriving too. “Fools Rush” talks about war in Sarajevo.

Famous Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom, director Bill Carter and Andrucha Waddington would be arriving, as “Dnevni avaz” informs, tomorrow to Sarajevo.

This information has been confirmed by Adnan Hadžić, who’s along with Boris Šiber, Vlado Kajević and Senad Zaimović ought to meet with them. Reason of their arrival is shooting a movie after Carter’s book “Fools Rush In”, and that tells about Sarajevo in war, in which some of the characters are Šiber, Kajević, Zaimović and Hadžić.

Carter is our longtime friend and we “mingled” in Sarajevo during the war. He wrote a book, about his experience in Sarajevo during the war, based on who the movie will be filmed. He’ll be arriving with Bloom, team of directors and producers in order to find locations to film, but also local actors and co-producers – says Hadžić, otherwise the producer on FTV.

The book “Fools In Rush” came from documentary “Miss Sarajevo”, who’s director is Carter and producer is Bono Vox.

Team of seven, with Carter and Bloom in lead, is currently in Split, before they were in Zagreb, searching for locations to film.

He’ll be staying in Sarajevo for few days and meet with many friends and future associates (for the movie). Bloom should, allegedly, play the lead role, but also be it’s executive producer".

thanks for the translation to zia of OrlandoLove

source http://www.dnevniavaz.ba/dogadjaji/kultura.tizu-u-sarajevo


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:hmmm: Could it have been left over from when the entire board was on moderation in mid-April and for awhile afterwards? Oh well! It's fixed now, thanks to Queen Jan! :crown:

On to business. A new movie! :yahoo: How exciting. Any chance to see The Pretty on the big screen is fine by me. :shiny:

Thank you so much for the article, mayfrayn! :cheer2:

- Pam -

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I LOVE this latest news! :yess:

It seems like just the type of social consciousness piece that Orlando would be interested in.

The book got very good reviews from customers on Amazon, so it must be a great, well written story. And if Bill Carter is taking part in this trip to Croatia, the news sounds pretty legitimate.


I'm so proud and excited! :sigh:

Thanks, Mayfrayn! :hug:

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I am really excited about Orlando's new movie project! :cheer2: I also went into the link and read the summary for the book Fools Rush In and I can easily see him taking on this role, it is definitely right up his alley. :2thumbs:

Good luck Orlando and I know you will do great whatever you do! :hug:

Thank you May for bringing this over and starting up the thread and thank you Jan for straightening out the forum, I was also wondering what was happening! :iheart:


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Add my voice to the growing excitement. :cheer2: My first thought on reading this was about The Journey Is the Destination. We all know how much we wanted him to be able to do that one, but the timing wasn't right. It looks as if it's true, if one door is closed to you there will be another opened. From what I've read so far, this story is perfect for him. I hope it all comes together for him.

Thanks Mayfran for the information.

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When I saw the book cover, I easily thought of The Kite Runner. I'm with you Serendipity for saying that this will remind you of The Journey Is The Destination when I was redirected to Bill Carter's site.

Meet this talented writer, photographer and filmmaker. His work is hands-on and high-stakes. His passion has put him in situations that are dangerous, uncomfortable, and unpredictable. The results are provocative, troubling, and inspiring.

This is certainly a project he's most passionate about. I hope everything goes well.


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It seems like just the type of social consciousness piece that Orlando would be interested in.

I had the same thought, Cayenne.

I remember reading in an interview sometime in the AWE hooha that he wanted to do projects with a human interest element. This could be just such a project.

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From Reuters:

By Daria Sito-Sucic

SARAJEVO (Reuters) - Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom said on Tuesday he was stepping aside from the big productions that made him a star to work in a film about life in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo during the 1992-95 siege.

The film is based on the book Fools Rush In by American writer and filmmaker Bill Carter who lived in Sarajevo at the height of the siege. It will be directed by Brazilian director Andrucha Waddington and produced by Elliot Lewitt.

"A film is a very specific and personal account of Bill Carter's experience in Sarajevo during the war and we would very much like to make the film here," the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings told reporters in Sarajevo.

"This is a departure from the very big Hollywood productions," Bloom said after the film's crew met with the Sarajevo Mayor, who promised financial and other support for the film.

"I'm not in fact playing Bill in this movie but I read the script and the very human story at the very core of this film spoke to me very clearly," he added.

In the book, Carter described his life as an aid worker in besieged Sarajevo in 1993-94 and difficulties and joys he shared with local people trying to preserve the sanity during the 43-month-long shelling of the city by the Bosnian Serb forces.

Bloom declined to provide more details about the film but said he hoped the shooting would start at the end of the year.

"Hopefully, we can get this movie to be made at the end of this year. To come here and shoot would be just wonderful," he said.

Carter made documentary Miss Sarajevo, produced by U2's singer Bono and late Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, after he managed to make the first satellite link between Sarajevo and U2's Zooropa tour in 1993.

Source It's accompanied by a photo, which we'll put in the gallerie.



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Thank you so much Geri for bringing this over! :hug: I am really getting excited about this project and I hope its a great success for Orlando and everyone else involved. I am not surprised he is doing this project and I know he will handle this subject with great care. :wub:


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