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Green Cross: Pax Arctic Expedition Witness Break-Off of Arctic Shelf


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Brought to me via Google alerts, this story out of the Arctic from Green Cross International. Link to full story is here.

Pax Arctica expedition first to witness major break-off of Arctic ice shelf

Resolute Bay, Nunavut – August 3, 2008

An international coalition of children exploring the high Arctic witnessed firsthand the latest dramatic development of climate change on Tuesday, July 22 as a huge chunk of ice was observed drifting off the Ward Hunt Island main ice shelf, forming two ice islands totaling 20 square kilometers. The children, assembled as The Young Ambassadors of the Arctic, are part of the Global Green USA and Green Cross Pax Arctica '08 expedition.

"Our objective was to observe the state of the Ward Hunt ice shelf” said Sebastian Copeland, co-leader of the expedition and Global Green USA board member. “Nothing could have prepared us for the extent of our findings. After a 4-hour hike in slushy ice, we stumbled upon a major break in the shelf. It was so large that we could not have imagined the crack to be in fact developing before our very eyes. We were essentially the first to witness this dramatic development from up close.”

Picture from the story (that's Bast in the middle :iheart: ) :


A bit more information concerning the Expedition:

Pax Arctica is a three year strategic initiative designed to alert public opinion of critical environmental issues that endanger the Artic region. Luc Hardy and Sebastien Copeland will lead a unique consortium of environmental advocates and ecological scientists - with the support of corporate sponsors and individuals - to explore and assess the conditions of the region an determine steps required to guarantee its preservation for generations to come.


Sagax Expeditions, in association with Green Cross, is organizing a 3-year program of theme-centered expeditions involving young people in the arctic and in the sub-arctic regions. The first modular mission will begin July 6 - early August 2008. The main objective is to bring six children to the Arctic to participate in data gathering for scientific projects linked to five 5 broad themes: climate, mineral resources including oil, transportation, culture and biodiversity. We will be traveling through the Northwest passage, the magnetic North pole region and within various pockets of Inuit communities.

Just as in 1990 when Captain Cousteau traveled to Antarctica with six children to claim the land of ice for future generations. Today we will prove once again that young people can join together and commit themselves to the peace and the protection of the Arctic for the future. The Pax Arctica Initiative will convey a political, philosophical and ethical message for the regulation of the potential exploitation of mineral resources in the Arctic. Our goal is to protect the safety of its exceptional and fragile environment and help guarantee its viability as a home to local populations.

And finally a link to the Pax Arctic website: paxarctic.org where they offer nearly daily updates if anyone wants to keep their finger on the pulse of this. There are also a handful of stunning pictures and a lot more info on the Expeditions.

:heart: Serenity

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Serenity, thank you so much for bringing this over. :hug:

That is a great picture of Sebastian with the children but it is also very frightening and alarming to see that crack! :O I can't imagine being a witness to that! After seeing this latest evidence that Global Warming is happening right before our eyes, if I hear anyone tell me there is no such thing I will know they are either blind or they just don't want to face the truth. :bat:


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Thank you for bringing us this article Serenity. :hug: This news,together with the picture, gives us a sobering look at the evidence of climate change. It is a warning for us to get our act together and re-double our efforts to do what we can to minimize further damage to the environment.

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