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From The Hollywood Reporter:

Molina, Bloom, Hawkins set for 'Education'

By Stuart Kemp

Feb 21, 2008

LONDON -- Alfred Molina, Orlando Bloom and Berlin Silver Bear winner Sally Hawkins have signed up to join the cast of Lone Scherfig's "An Education," producers said Wednesday.

Written by feted British author Nick Hornby and produced by Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey, "An Education" already counts Oscar winner Emma Thompson, Peter Sarsgaard ("Boys Don't Cry"), Carey Mulligan ("Pride & Prejudice"), Rosamund Pike ("Die Another Day") and Olivia Williams ("Rushmore") in front of the camera.

Hawkins won a Silver Bear as best actress for her lead role in Mike Leigh's "Happy-Go-Lucky" at the close of this year's Berlin Film Festival.

Developed from an early stage with BBC Films, the movie is being financed by James D. Stern's Endgame Entertainment and BBC Films with Odyssey Entertainment handling worldwide sales.

Scherfig ("Italian for Beginners") will direct from a Hornby script based on a piece of memoir by the celebrated British journalist Lynn Barber.

Billed as a teenage girl's coming-of-age drama set in early 1960s London, it details the story of a 17-year-old girl whose suburban life is about to be blown apart by the utterly unsuitable arrival of a 30-something playboy.

Produced by Dwyer and Posey, and executive produced by Stern and Endgame Entertainment's Douglas E. Hansen and Wendy Japhet, and David M Thompson for BBC Films, the film will shoot in London in March and April.

The 30 year old playboy?! Or would that be Peter Saarsgard? Let the research begin!

ETA: Peter's role is that of a "glamorous race car driver" and Emma Thompson is a "school headmistress."

Looks like Peter = playboy

Danish director Lone Scherfig will helm the story of a 17-year-old girl (Mulligan) living in the quiet London suburbs. As the swinging '60s culture emerges, her world turns upside down after she meets a 35-year-old sportscar-driving Brit (Sarsgaard). He courts her with chic dinners, clubs and foreign trips, charming her father (Molina) but putting her future at Oxford University in jeopardy.
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A new role. Whoopie! He's coming home, and filming in London. I wonder what his role will be?

I feel a trip to the city coming on in the near future!

Thanks for the info Jill. :hug:

Lauren xx

ETA: I would love to get a copy of Granta, but unfortunately funds are a bit tight at the mo! :eedgit:

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:yess: I read 30-something Playboy and my eyes lit up. It'd be fun to watch Orlando play that role. But, I'm sure Peter will do a great job. It certainly will be lovely to see Orlando's face on the big screen once more. :sigh:

Thanks for being on the ball on this, HS!

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In searching for any excerpts online, I found the author's mini-biography:

Lynn Barber is an interviewer for the London Observer. She has won five British Press Awards. Two books of her interviews, Mostly Men and Demon Barber, are published by Viking. She lives with her family in north London.
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How exciting! :cheer2: I'm reaching a pitch that whatever Orlando will do is fine with me as long as we'll see him soon on the screen. I also like the idea that he'll be doing a British film and is able to spend some time at home.

Of course I scurried over to imdb.com to find any info on this project and found this interesting bit of trivia:

Made Variety's 2007 list of best unproduced British screenplays.

This made my day. Thanks for bringing this, HeySailor! :heart:

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:cheer2: YAY! A new film! I am so excited and this screenplay sounds interesting, I want to learn more about it! Thanks HS for the heads up! :hug: I saw something about the young girl going to Oxford, does this mean Orlando will play a young professor? :w00t:



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Lynn Barber's "An Education" wsa published in the British literary magazine, Granta. Back issues are available for purchase, if one of our UK ka-bloomies is so inclined. (please, pretty please). For 7.49 GBP, the July 3, 2003 Issue 82 can be yours!

Done. I just ordered it. Thanks, HeySailor.

This is fantastic news and I am so pleased for Orlando. From Elvira's post it sounds as though the screenplay is excellent.


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Thanks, Jill!

From Variety: Same information, but confirms that Peter Sarsgaard is the "unsuitable thirtysomething"

Bloom, Molina, Hawkins join 'Education'

Scherfig pic shoots in London


Orlando Bloom, Alfred Molina and Sally Hawkins, who won a Silver Bear in Berlin for "Happy-Go-Lucky," have joined the cast of Lone Scherfig's "An Education," a coming-of-ager set in 1960s London.

Trio join Peter Sarsgaard, Rosumund Pike, Emma Thompson, Olivia Williams and emerging thesp Carey Mulligan ("And When Did You Last See Your Father?").

Mulligan plays a witty and attractive 17-year-old, whisked off her feet by an unsuitable thirtysomething (Sarsgaard), who dazzles her with the high life.

Pic is scripted by Nick Hornby from an article by journalist Lynn Barber.

Endgame Entertainment and BBC Films developed and are financing the pic, which is produced by Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey.

Endgame's James D. Stern, Douglas E. Hansen and Wendy Japhet, and David M. Thompson for BBC Films executive produce.

The film will shoot in London in March and April.

Odyssey Entertainment is handling worldwide sales.

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Yippee! A new movie! :cheer2:

I know we have been waiting to see what would come next for Orlando. I'm glad he's doing a British film. That means he'll get to use his own voice with the British accent. :iheart:

Thanks for sharing the info.


Odd tidbit: one of the producers has the same last name as me. :lol:

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:cheer2: Thanks for the heads-up! Can't wait for more news about Orlando's character.

I'm glad that Orlando isn't playing the playboy. Don't get me wrong, it would be great food for my fantasy life if had ended up in that role, but with the exception of 2 roles (Legolas and Steven), he's played nothing but the love interest. He needs to take on a different character before he gets typecast.

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Some other news! (Did you post this already?): Orlando will play Danny a charming business man! :naughty:here

Edited to add the article:

Orlando lands Education role

Orlando Bloom has apparently joined the cast of new movie An Education.

The Lord Of The Rings star will join Rosamund Pike, Emma Thompson and Peter Sarsgaard in the coming-of-age movie set in 60s London.

The film is based on British journalist Lynn Barber's memoir and the screenplay has been written by Nick Hornby, author of hit novels High Fidelity and About A Boy, both of which have been made into successful movies.

The story centres around Jenny (played by rising British star Carey Mulligan), a clever and beautiful 17-year-old who is introduced to a glamorous new life in London and lead astray by the older and unsuitable David, played by Jarhead star Peter Sarsgaard.

Orlando will play his charming business partner Danny, and former Bond girl Rosamund will play his girlfriend Helen.

An Education is being produced by BBC Films and Endgame Entertainment and will be directed by award-winning Danish director Lone Scherfig.

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