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The 5th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party


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Is the anticipation of this event making anyone else a little anxious? :nails:

A little update before the party gets underway: The Global Green Website has been updated to include Michael Franti as a musical guest (His band's website: StayHuman.org - you can listen to five or six different songs here, if you're so inclined. :wink2:). And the following list of Sponsors has also been added:

Patron: IWC

Earth Circle: TCP

Green Circle: Centropolis, Domino Magazine, FLAUNT Magazine, W Hollywood Residences

Eco Circle: Caroma USA, Korres, LifePod™ by Envision Solar, Tetra Pak

Only five and a half hours 'til the party gets started. :myuah:

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And tomorrow (or today in some parts of the world), a new Shiseido Fiber Neo Advert! When it rains, it pours.

Yes! It's already 21st on my end at exactly 11:55am. :yahoo:

Maybe the new ad's debut is in the evening. :hmmm:

Here's wishing for Global Green pictures! :cheer2:

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Man, nothing yet, let alone Orlando. Salma is the only 'name' so far (and a very bushy and, IMHO, creepy, Adrien Grenier). I've been IMing with Geri - I don't remember photos taking this long to show up!

We will have a US night shift/UK day shift when I give up the ghost (soon), so never fear.

Man, it's really strange... :huh:

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Jan, thank you for your dilligence in attempting to find something (and everyone else behind the curtain who's searching their little bums off! :high5:). All your hard work is certainly appreciated.

That is odd though. Party started over two hours ago and still nada, zip, zilch? :oh:



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Serenity is right. We appreciate your diligence for us in the search for information and piccies. We hope he was there, we hope someone had the foresight to take piccies. We hope.

Surely something will happen soon. Thanks for the efforts, lack of sleep, etc. from our MODs and PEFICs. A nice payoff of new piccies will make it all worthwhile. :cheer2:

- Pam -

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I found a few sites that have some pictures from the Green Carpet -but, don't get too happy yet - so far, there's still no sign of Orlando. :quiver: But, I did find a few of Sebastian!! :yess: (Except all I can get is the thumbnail version because I don't have an account for the website and I'm too cheap to buy one. :paperbag: )

I must say, Salma looks absolutely stunning!

Here are the sites I've managed to dig up so far:

PR Photos

Wire Image - Green Carpet

Wire Image - Inside the party - this is where the ones of Bast are. :shiny:

Jackie, thank's for your hard work on the UK shift! (And if links to any of these are inappropriate, please remove so I don't look like an a**. :wink2: )

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Jan, Jackie, Geri - thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty looking for these. I managed to find maybe 10 of Sebastian all together on Wire Image, including a few of him on stage.

I'd had that same thought about the upcoming movie possibly keeping Orlando from attending last night.

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