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VIDEO: At the stage door 23rd of July

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Good evening ladies!

Here is my very late video entry from my first time seeing Orlando on 23rd of July.

I took it after my first time seeing the play.

Some of you might notice that my hand was not as calm as in September :)

I'm sorry for being this late, but now I have broadband and today Elisabeth (Nynaeve) and me found out that we've been "at THE place" the same time without knowing. She sent me her pics, I uploaded my video as we were standing on opposite sides!

So I already edited the second part and now decided to edit the first part for you tonight.

I'm going to post links to both parts in three files.

(Already confused?)

File descriptions:

PART 1 is 10 seconds shorter than the original file. I'm sorry, but I was really shaking when Orlando was standing in front of me and signed my programme. My voice is just sounding not like me and I don't want you to hear that. But it's still worth seeing it. Promise!

(Don't blink at the beginning and there will be Sidi as well.)

PART 2 actually shows his back. Only for the ones who want to have all 4 minutes :)

PART 3 is where he comes back to my side of the crowd to sign more programmes and gets into his car.


PART 1 (Megaupload, 18,7 MB. 1:45 min)

PART 2 (6,6 MB. 0:54 min)

PART 3 (8,5 MB. 0:55 min)

Part 1 smaller: 4,5 MB

Part 2 smaller: 2,3 MB

Part 3 smaller: 2,3 MB

Have fun watching!


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I'd love to see these as I was also there that night but I can't get that megaupload thing to work

Hi Ros,

I don't know why it's not working. I tried and I can download them without problems.

If you want to, just send me a PM with your email address and I can send the small videos to you if you have enough free space or we'll find another solution.

Did you take photos as well?


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Ros, are you downloading to your hard drive (Save) or just to watch (Open)? If one isn't working, try the other.

I haven't had any problems with it. I like having the choice to save it or not. Sometimes you want to watch something, but not necessarily take up hard drive space. That is a nice feature of Megaupload.

Oh, and I haven't seen all of them yet, but what I have seen is very,very nice. Thanks, Anna! :cheer:

It's wonderful that we are still getting stuff from the play here. I figured by Sept. 16th that was all she wrote. These new videos, details of CEOK's, etc. are keeping the play "alive" a bit.

- Pam -

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