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VIDEO: At the Stage door 6th of September

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Finally I have broadband (since today!!! :yess: ) and found the time to upload one video from my stay in London from the 5th to the 8th of September.

I know there are already many of them, but there's no harm to give you the opportunity to choose if you want to see it or not, right? :hmmm:

You can go here to watch it. (MEGAUPLOAD, 23,6 MB)

I had a wonderful time in London and I'm already thinking about spending the days around New Year's Eve there.

The last 10 days I've been to Italy (Venice, Rimini and in between. really lovely time I had) and therefore I couldn't go to the site and hear what happened. and that was hard sometimes! Even in Venice :blink:

Now I'm back and can lurk and relax every time I can't be bothered to learn for my oral test in October!

Wish you all a nice evening, :wave:


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Thank you so much for providing this much needed shot of Orlando goodness. I hadn't realized just how severe the "In Celebration" withdrawal pains were. :blow: Seeing Sidi come out and get into the car, then Orlando meeting with his fans lifted my spirits more than I can say. It took a few minutes for the download, but it was well worth it. I can't believe your hands were so steady. :2thumbs:

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