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VIDEO: At the Stage Door 4th September

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Something strange happened for me when I went to save Sam's video. It saved caz's, which I already had. :blink: Thanks, Sam and Jupiter. Hopefully I'll figure out what happened.


The same thing happened to me, so I just watched without downloading after I realized it.

Lovely video Sam. I believe you. Thanks for sharing.


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I'm finally jumping back in here and catching up on all the vids and pictures after Lurking for way too long.

Thanks very much for this. Sigh.our boy is soooo handsome!! And, I've been a fan for so long it really hadn't occurred to me.but he's really quite tall isn't he! I mean, I knew he was tall but it is quite striking here,He seems to be a full head over everyone else in the video. Anyway. :iheart:

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