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LG's Amazingly Bad Fan Pic Voting Thread


Worst fan picture. In the world. Ever.  

87 members have voted

  1. 1. Pick your favourite worst photo...

    • [url=http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/buzzelfrau.jpg][img]http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/thumb_buzzelfrau.jpg[/img][/url] Buzzelfrau
    • [url=http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/cazrider.jpg][img]http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/thumb_cazrider.jpg[/img][/url] Cazrider
    • [url=http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/medieval_lady.jpg][img]http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/thumb_medieval_lady.jpg[/img][/url] Medieval Lady
    • [url=http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/meltinthemiddle.jpg][img]http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/thumb_meltinthemiddle.jpg[/img][/url] MeltInTheMiddle
    • [url=http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/julika.jpg][img]http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/thumb_julika.jpg[/img][/url] Julika
    • [url=http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/Sunstar.jpg][img]http://www.ka-bloom.org/gallerie/albums/InCelebration_BadFanPhotos/thumb_Sunstar.jpg[/img][/url] Sunstar

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Welcome to the voting thread! Hurrah! As I have to run out of the door to work, this will be brief. So.

1) Check out all the hilarious photos

2) Pick the best... worst... whatever

3 ) Click!

4) Sorted

Voting will close on Friday, so make your vote count! Congratulations to all the finalists, and many thanks to all the entrants - it was really hard to choose finalist as all the entries were so good... bad... whatever.

Kat xx

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My vote is in. A very difficult choice to pick the best worst best picture. I mean we like any picture of Orlando (even if it's just his legs . thank you Jackie) but I did take a fancy to the cute "back of the neck one" that Caz took.

This is a fun contest and I wish each and every contestant the best of luck! Methinks you are all winners here as you were there with Orlando and managed to at least get the camera somewhere in the approximate vicinity of his person.



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Tricksy, Kat is! Just like the Hello Poll -- she won't let me vote more than once. :devil:

Darn, it's a shame we can only pick one. In the end I voted for MITM's photo of the thumbs up. It just seemed as if he were saying, "I'm surrounded, but I'm OK."
I had the same thought. :lol:

Very fun contest l_g!

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