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AUDIO: Orlando on Radio 2

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Another repeat listener here. I love his enthusiasm, his energy, the sound of his voice, that adorable giggle. I really appreciated what he said about the folks who have a job to do and just go out and get it done every day, like Mr. Shaw senior, who's been working in the mines for 49 years. One more will make a round number . 50. There is a sense of accomplishment and completeness in that. I'm eagerly awaiting word of his next project. In the meantime, two more weeks (approximately) of "in celebration." :shiny:


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What an interview. Wow. :giveup: So revealing about the emotional toll of the part, his wanting to get back to his roots, the quest for respect. A lot of humour and giggling, yes, but reading between the lines he gives a lot away. He really makes himself totally vulnerable in interviews like this, yet he can genuinely laugh at himself and do it with a wink and a smile. Adorable.

I tell ya, this wonderful young man is a one of a kind. B) But you knew that already.

Loved the anecdote about almost coming off the chair during a performance, the leather coat "chafing". I adore how he says that word.

Thank you so much for the heads-up, Tahiri and the downloads from Jup. :hug:

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Thanks Tahiri and Jupiter.

That was a very insightful interview and also very fast-paced, covering a lot of ground. I think Steve Wright actually got more out of Orlando than Parkinson, which I would not have expected.

He certainly is a bundle of energy in this interview!

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What a fan-tas-tic interview ! I've just listened twice to it, and made my husband sit down to listen as well. Such delightful 10 minutes.

I'm incredibly proud of him, for going his own way, against the advice of so many of 'his people'. Knowing that, has made my respect for Orlando grow even more - if that was still possible. He makes his own life, and is prepared to take risks, and you simply have got to admire him for that. :wub:

The almost-falling of the chair :lol: ! Poor thing, how embarrassed he must have been.

I can't even begin to put in words how wonderful it is to hear his giggle, and the sound of his voice, and the way he pronounces his words - I don't have a good ear for distinguishing various accents, but I just love the way he speaks. Although I had a little trouble following him the first time I listened to it. shees, he's like a high-speed train :lol: !

Loved to hear him talk about the play, and about how terrified he felt at the start, and about the responsibility of it all. he is so honest and down to earth, which are just two more reasons you've got to admire him. And if I was already curious about where he will go from here, he's only added to that curiosity now ! I so hope we will soonish learn about a future project.

And when he laughs at himself, he simply turns me into a pool of goo. You've just got to love a man who doesn't take himself too seriously.

As LenaLove said, one of a kind indeed. And I think this has got to be if not thé best interview I've ever downloaded of him, then certainly óne of the bests. Thanks so much, Tahiri and Jupiter.

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First of all I want to thank Tahiri and Jupiter for bringing this to us. I heard the interview in the two pieces that are there twice. What a lovely interview. I LOVE his giggle in the beginning. He really was talking fast. hmm I wonder if he is a fan of the Starbucks Doubleshot? :wink2: He really sounded to be having fun and really confident, I remember some of his earlier interviews he seemed more nervous but this one he was relaxed and enjoying himself and that is always a pleasure to hear. I loved that fact that they brought up the Extras episode! :lol: He mentions Johnny "doing it his way" and I have a feeling Orlando will do things his way as well. He even mentioned going against some people to do this play. Enjoyed him quoting Tolkien as well and talking about almost falling of his chair. His beauty shines right through this radio interview!

Thank you once again for bringing this to us. I would have never heard this interview if it were not for you guys! :hug::iheart:

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