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Little_Green's Amazingly Bad Fan Picture Contest

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:wave: Hi, I know I don't write a lot (not ever, really) but I'm here everyday to keep updated.

Just one question, considering that I'm from a very different country, what's an Amazon? :beatsme:

Thanks to all, you rock!

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Well, scary and rampaging definitely applied to the crowd surrounding ME the night I snapped my oh so beautiful "ear" pic, but I'd be hard-pressed to call the majority of them women. Sorry, I'm not feeling too generous toward Orlando's "young fans" these days. Guess I'm turning into a grouchy old woman.

ZB :innocent:

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Lordy, but some of these are bad! Haven't had such a good laugh in ages. And to think you braved life and limb amongst those gorillas just to get a fuzzy pic. of Orlando's backside. Oh! and I did love the beautiful pic. of the hair and a fuzzy Orlando neck. (Mind you, it did'nt really matter it was fuzzy, there are worse ones!) These are just great. Think I'll toddle off to the Gallerie and have another look. :lmao:

Thank you all so much :lmao2: and Jan, thank you for posting them in the Gallerie for posterity. I do love ka-Bloom, you're all nuts.



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All the entries so far have been awesome! Congratulations everyone on your truly awful photographic skills. Just a quick announcement (and apologies for the short notice). Due to factors outside of my control, I will need to close the competition before the end of the play's run. In fact, I need to close the thread to entries tomorrow, Tuesday 4th September. Many, many apologies to those who were going to enter the competition after this time, but as I say, factors outside my control.

So, if you have an entry lurking at the back of your camera, POST IT NOW!!

After tomorrow, I will establish a short-list (might enlist the help of the staff for that), and post a poll where you can all vote for the winner. Hurrah!

Watch this space, dudes.

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Jackie, Sunstar and Sam, if you put all of your pictures together, you can almost make a complete Orlando.

How have I missed this funny, funny thread? :beatsme: I haven't laughed (or searched so hard for Orlando in a photo) in I don't know how long! :lol:

I hate to see this contest end before the run of the play, but we all understand RL issues little_green, don't we everybody? Anyway. so be it, there MAY be enough of Orlando (butt, legs, an arm, fuzzy neck, an ear) to make a complete person. :lmao2:

I look forward to voting for the winner, whomever she may be!

- Pam -

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I went to the show on July 17th but have not had a chance to post my offerings for bad fan pics. So here they are.


This is after the matinee with someone's arm and camera in his face.


Orlando's blurry back as he re-entered the theatre after signing autographs.


And the best of my worst.extremely blurry nuzzle zone. Not bad of the guard though. (Taken after evening performance)

May the greatest worst photo win!


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Guest Allspice30

Does Orlando know of this contest? :lmao2: Maybe he should be the judge. :wink2:

Edited to add punctuation. Smilies are not substitutes for punctuation.

Edited by CaliMom
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Thanks for the heads up Kat !

There have been some awesomely bad pics in this thread! I've loved looking at them, and in most cases working out where the hell our guy is. :teehee:

I've only just remembered that Jan asked me to point out where Orlando was in the photos I posted. :doh: I hope it's OK for me to re-post?


Orlando's hand is on the car.


You can see his grey jumper with his white shirt sticking out from the bottom, in the bottom-middle of the picture.

I did have three, but I think the other one wasn't allowed. Again credit for these to my Mum.

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It's probably a little telling that I immediately thought of this topic when I was looking at my photos from last Tuesday afternoon. I managed to get some really good pictures, but for this one the focus did not really do what I supposed it to. Even if it's not a winner, at least it's a nice try. Perhaps there will be a book someday which is not entitled "Where's Waldo" but "Where's Orlando"? Sure enough there would be someone interested in it.



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I've had a thought, could we get Sonia Bloom to judge? With the help of LoriV?
I'm SURE they both have better things to do. Nope, we get to pick the nominees, then ka-Bloomies get to pick the loser, uh, make that winner! :lol:


OK, it's pretty bad when Orlando's the first thing out of focus in a photo - but second?? :lmao2:

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:lol: This is such a hilarious idea.

Unfortunately, I can't enter this contest because I have no In Celebration related pictures, but I have some pretty dang horrible pictures from the Haven premiere. :lol:

I am thoroughly enjoying all of your pictures, though.

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