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Little_Green's Amazingly Bad Fan Picture Contest

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These are fun.

You know, I thought that things would be awfully quiet around here with him being in a play that a lot of us can't get to London to see. But thanks to his being so friendly to fans by doing this each night, and thanks to you all, it's been great! Of course it's not the same as actually being there, but thank you all so much for making everyone here feel included by sharing all this, including the "amazingly bad" pictures! :lol::hug:

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:clap: I have laughed all the way through this thread! Bravo Kat. Great idea. My favourite one so far is the beautifully focussed hair with fuzzy Orlando milling in the background. (Thanks Gillian!)

What I especially laughed at is how much better my photographic skills will have to be in order to be eligible to enter a bad photo contest. Yep, mine are so bad that I can't post them. I uploaded them and have gazed at them thinking "Ooh, it's my personal picture of Orlando! He's in there somewhere." Pathetic.

*Goes off muttering* Must try harder.

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... As I went through all the entries again, I thought how wonderful it is to be a part of such a happy bunch of "loonies" here at ka-Bloom. :grouphug:

Isn't that the truth, though! :lol:

I couldn't begin to tell you all how much I've enjoyed the Ka-Bloom threads on this play . from reviews to photos to CEOKs - it's been such a fun, wild ride! And it goes on... :clap:

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