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Sherwood, thank you so much for posting that! It definitely helped clear things up a bit for me. I feel much better knowing that Will came back to be with them and not just for one day.

But I agree with you on it being an emotionally draining movie. Just thinking back on it makes me teary-eyed. I think I sat there at the end of the movie for a few minutes just trying to process everything.

Although, I think it's safe to say that I can go back and watch the movie feeling a bit better about it now, even though I'll probably end up crying again. :blow:

And yes, I do believe that was the correct explanation of the green light. But just to clarify things at the end of the movie, did that also signify that the curse was lifted, since Will had been immortal and all?

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I saw the movie last night with my kids (my five year old fell asleep after 30 minutes). I agree with those who were upset. I couldn't stop crying. Devastated is a good word. I was really upset and not sure I would see it again until I read that in the end the curse was lifted! Now I am feeling much better about the whole thing.

The best line out of the whole movie."Nobody move, I've dropped my brain!" :lmao:

Orlando was magnificent. The wedding scene was funny and romantic. The kiss, and the caress at the end were worth the admission price! I love love him!!

Now I am dying to go see it again.

Oh, and I did dress up! I'll have to post a pic of my kids and I. The two teenager wouldn't sit with me!

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Yes, HeySailor I couldn't put a definitive scene to the term. The one where Legolas comes past that rock was a stunner. But I do agree with Lianna, LadyNin, Sherwood, Charlie the scene where he enters Frodo's bedroom was magical. The elven light around him! I remember thinking at the time that Frodo just stared at him, and couldn't even greet him by name. Mind you, the one at the Coronation was a stunner also. Let's face it, there have been quite a few "money" shots with Orlando. Thank you Ladies.

The money shot from A.W.E. I'll keep to myself until everyone has seen the movie, but it's near the end.


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I already saw this movie twice and I totally loved it. I laughed but overall, I cried, I'm still crying over my dear Will :blow: . I'll never be able to see POTC 1 again and that innocent Will without tears come to my eyes. He became from a cute boy to a true man. The entire trilogy is about him, just him. Not Jack, not Barbossa, not Elizabeth. Just Will. And Orlando carries it wonderfully. His acting is superb, as Johnny's or Geoffrey's or Keira. but Orlando took my heart away (I can't forget that "I do" he gives Elizabeth :quiver::wub: ). I am shocked, moved. I need to see the movie again, I need to put in order my feelings. :innocent:

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I hate to say this but I was disapointed. I did enjoy it. The acting was amazing and the effects were wonderful. But I was so angry at what happened to Will. Jan I agree with you the ending was devastating. I don't think I've cried that hard in a movie, ever. :blow:

Don't get me wrong I did love the movie. But that ending just made me so mad. I must say though I did love Orlando and the teacup. :shiny:


I felt real bad for Elizabeth though. Her Father dies, her friend Norrington dies, and then she can't be with the love of her life, well after 10 years anyway.

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I saw the movie tonight with my best friend and my roommate. I am a little flustered right now because as we were leaving the theatre, my mom called me to tell me my younger sister was in a car accident. Everyone is okay but it was definitely a huge Debbie Downer after a great movie experience.

Anyway, I thought the first part of the moving was confusing. I kept saying to myself, "What is going on.I am so confused." Then when the action picked up, I thought it was amazing. I was so not prepared for Will becoming the Captain of the Flying Dutchman. After the part where he is first stabbed and Elizabeth is willing him to live, I was in such shock, I think I missed a bunch of the dialogue after it. I love how the movie ended which is surprising to me because it was semi-unhappy. I normally prefer very happy endings. I felt so sad for Elizabeth. I can't imagine marrying the (gorgeous) love of my life and then not being able to see him for 10 years. I cried a few times throughout the movie.

I was very confused about the part when Jack was in Davy Jones' Locker. I was like, WTF.

One of my favorite parts was the wedding kiss. Holy Crap! Imagine being on Elizabeth's end. :heart:

Sorry if that didn't make much sense.I'm going to bed now after a very emotionally draining night.


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After my first viewing, I am drained. I won't go too much into it right now. Don't want to spoil anything, plus my brain is tired and can't think clearly.Wow!! It was amazing. I was always unsure and guessing, wondering who was going to turn against who next. I love movies that keep you on your toes. The end.no way was I ever expecting that.

Orlando was amazing! There are no words to describe how I loved his performance in this movie. It was really all about him. Will and Elizabeth were the stars of this movie. Their stories were so much deeper than anyone elses.

I cried. More than once.

There were only two things that sort of bothered me about the movie that didn't fit. Giant Tia Dalma and the multiple Jacks that kept popping up once they had left the Locker. They just seemed so far from the rest of the movie.

Other than that, I adored it. I can't wait to go see it again tomorrow, see what else I can pick up.

Captain Will Turner! It's a bittersweet title it is. (I like the theory that he was coming back for good after the 10 years. I just wish that they would have given us something to confirm that if that's really the way it was meant to be, because I never would have thought that without Sherwood's post.)

Viewing two tomorrow with almost a dozen of my friends! Can't wait!!

~Mae :pirate2:

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It's 2 AM here in Los Angeles, and I just came back from seeing it. YES. I managed to get a ticket 10:25 PM showing. What can I say? I just LOVED it. My head is still dizzy trying to absorb everything, but what a way to wrap a trilogy. Now I know what you meant by Will "Money Shot." I nearly gasped. And Orlando, Orlando. I just can't praise him enough. He carried this movie. What a brilliant performance. I am so proud of him right now. Bravo, Orlando! :clap: I am going to see it again this Sunday, so I will probably write more coherently then.

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<Clicks and rolls down with eyes closed>

:( I couldn't make it on friday; every where is packed! DMC wasn't this way crazy. So I stalled a bit and I don't know, if I could find any tickets soon in this week. I am sensing I will get very sick suddenly on one the week days. :rolleyes: Hope everyone enjoyed it fully !


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Well, there's not much left to be said except a big thank you to Sherwood! :hug: You've got to see the movie more than once just to get everything. I'm going back to pay close attention to the conversation between Davey Jones and Tia/Calypso.

I loved the movie! I could have stayed for more hours and watched them stock the ships and sail to Singapore. I enjoyed the escape into the world of pirates. Like everyone, I did not like Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. :lol: Naomie Harris did a great job though and is stunningly beautiful in person. I loved all the acting, loved the multiple Jacks. Being dead and coming back should make one a bit nuts. And since Jack was already more than a little nuts.

All I can say is if the curse isn't lifted, my fear of being eaten by a shark and dying at sea somehow doesn't seem so bad now. :yankchain:

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Just returned from my second visit, after reading this thread this morning I went with the intention of concentrating on the conversation between Tia Dalma and Davey Jones.

Unfortunately I'm still confused with Will's situation. Davey Jones told Tia Dalma that he had done his job for ten years, and when he returned to land to see her that she was not there. Then he broke the pledge about ferrying the dead to the other side, and that's why he turned all tentacley over time. I think maybe that he was returning for his one day.

My understanding was that until the heart was stabbed that the captain was the captain forever.

Oh I don't know, perhaps someone else can figure it out.

Oh dear my mobile accidentally went into camera mode, when the money shot came on, don't you just hate it when they do that! It's a bit blurry but it will do me fine until it shows up here! :whistle::naughty: :pirate:

Lauren xx

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It really was an amazing film. Although I have to admit it had it's tear jerker moments. I'm a softee so of course I was crying. I'm not sure how I feel about the ending.

But as I said it really is a great film and Orlando truly shined.

My review contains SPOILERS, so please be warned, read at your own risk!

I had a similar reaction, Kellie. However, the more I reflect on the implications of the ending, the more resigned I become to this is how it had to turn out, yeah? I think I'm still reeling from all the implications of everything that transpired. At bit overwhelming. I walked out of the theater thinking, "Oh wow." I was very intrigued with the twists and turns, the convuleted-ness of the plot. Definitely kept me on my toes. I think I'm comfortable with the way things were resolved. Still pondering some points.

And Orlando's performance was "spot on". Yeesh.what that man can say with his facial expressions! Orlando's portrayal of the betrayer-betrayed was outstanding. Having just watched POTC:CotBP and DMC this past weekend, I can most definitely see the growth in his skills. I was so taken with his acting in POTC:CotBP because he was able to deliver the comedic lines, as well as turn out the upright and brave Will Turner, but to see the range of his acting from then until AWE is quite stunning. My heavens how he has grown as an actor and into a more gorgeous man.

I think one of my favorite scenes is the 'wedding-battle' scene. That was spectacularly done! Dizzying, maddening and there were whoops of delight from the audience when Elizabeth and Will finally kissed! There was much cheering and hoots when Will is putting on his boot on the beach!

Egads...that last scene of him on the Flying Dutchman.whoa.mouth-watering comes to mind! That is one hot, hot pirate! :hott: However, I thought I would melt into my seat at the tenderness and longing you see in Will as he kisses the leg of Elizabeth. OH MY HEAVENS. :faint: Ten years is a bloody long time to enjoy that moment of love again.

I truly enjoyed the film and seeing how Orlando has grown as an actor, can't wait to see what delights the near future will bring.

These are my impressions after sleeping on it, discussing it with spiceitup and a long drawn out conversation with my husband about the movie over coffee this morning. I'm going back this afternoon for another viewing. As has been the case with all of these movies, it usually takes me quite a few viewings to catch everything. I remember being so stunned when Will was stabbed.I was incredulous. I certainly didn't see that coming and think I missed quite a bit of the next sequence of scenes and dialogue that came after. Now that I know how everything is resolved, I can pay attention to dialogue and details!

Lisa Q

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I haven't seen it and won't get to until later today, after some members of my family complete some totally unnecessary shopping. (So what if your only pair of comfortable shoes is falling apart? Go barefoot, dude! I wanna see this movie.)

But I have to say that I think Disney's request to the professional reviewers that they not reveal the plot past a certain point in the movie has been a disservice to Orlando. Everyone here is talking about how effectively he played his role -- regardless of whatever each of you thinks of the movie as a whole. But none of the professional critics has gotten into that aspect of the film, and I think that's because his most important work came in the second half of the film, and the critics were asked not to discuss the plot of the later parts of the movie in detail.

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Guest Lassie
I'm curious to know what everyone thought of the violence level. I found it to be particularly OTT (particularly the hangings and the two women who were killed in Singapore by gunshots at close range). I've talked to others who agree that it was really offensive. Did anyone else cringe as I did, having your kids sitting with you? The swashbuckling sort of violence just got chucked out the window for the more graphic, gory variety. Was that necessary?

I think we can safely say that this thread is now a spoiler zone.

I agree Geri. I think seeing that kid get hung was a bit much. I felt that a lot of scenes were unnecessary and should have been left on the cutting room floor. The woman getting shot in the head, all the stabbings, the gross out stuff ( did we really need to see Jack Sparrow licking his brain. :sick:)

I felt some of the scenes in the movie were irrelevant and served no purpose.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie (especially Will), but I felt that a lot of things I could've done without.

And on a lighter note, that kiss on the ship with Will and Elizabeth was the best movie kiss I've seen in a while!

And the last Will and Elizabeth scene on the shore.:kablaam: I swear, all the women had a mass Orligasm in the theater!

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T&T (Terry and Ted) have said that some things were cut from the final edit making explanations about the curses somewhat unclear . and this is compounded by the sound mixing and strongly accented dialog from the characters whose job it is to explain it, IF you can follow it all. Definitely a movie that demands repeat viewings.

Adding in the post-credit scene and taking into account the time lapse of 10 years and the green flash . all ends well with our beloved Will.

I urge everyone who's distressed or devastated to see it again with this new knowledge. (unless of course you want to make it more complicated or painful, which is your option :wink: ) But I think, like many of you, that putting this reeeeally important bit into that post-credit scene means a lot of people won't see it and it might color their experience of the film to the point they won't see it again. Too bad . what a great tale!! (convoluted, confusing, unevenly too loud, heartbreaking, all the above . and also a wonderfully grand romp!)

I'm going to caution my own family and friends who haven't seen it yet to pay very close attention when the curse is being discussed and to run to the restroom when the credits start and then return to the auditorium for the final scene before leaving. :lol: (and keep in touch with the internet info to explain what still isn't clear) . Somebody somewhere will probably do a coherent write-up to explain all this curse stuff and how it's finalized at the end-end to make everything come out well for our Will and his love. Orlando commented about how he was glad they didn't dumb the complicated plot down . they sure didn't! There's a lot of work to be done to "get" this story.

And I have tickets for a matinee tomorrow, YAY! , when I am going to take all my own advice and also get another gander at that luscious, sensual isolated-beach moment that I have no trouble understanding or remembering. :hott:

What follows is some of the informtion that ought to have been clearer in the film,






Here's a sort of explanation of Will's situation when the film ends . from the writers,

from HERE (where there's more, but you have to dig it out)

Posted by Terry on Wednesday, 23 May 2007, at 12:04 a.m.,

..And it turns out that the information we wrote for one of the scenes didn't make it into the final cut (regarding the curse).

Given the lost information, my prior post doesn't apply. You might be able to derive that the curse could be broken from the information in the film, but it would be indeed difficult.

(For me, it doesn't make sense if you presume there is no difference, you can come to shore once every ten years if your love is true, you can come to shore once every ten years if your love isn't true.)

My other point still applies -- Jones corrupted himself by his own choice to abandon the task assigned him. Calypso did not control that choice.


Posted by Ted Elliott on Wednesday, 23 May 2007, at 1:49 a.m., in response to Ah, that Davy Jones curse thing, posted by Terry on Wednesday, 23 May 2007, at 12:04 a.m.

Also missing from the final cut:

Jones' statement that when he cut out his heart, he put a geis* on it, that if someone killed his heart, their heart must take its place.

It doesn't really effect the experience of the movie, but it is an unfortunate omission.


Posted by Terry on Wednesday, 23 May 2007, at 12:31 p.m., in response to Re: Ah, that Davy Jones curse thing, posted by curious mate on Wednesday, 23 May 2007, at 8:55 a.m.

..There might be some story to be told where Elizabeth manages to make a trip to the land of the dead, with the help of someone, etc., etc., to find Will, etc.

But the basic requirement is that Will agrees captain the Flying Dutchmen (in return for what the film reveals) and that he can step on land but once every ten years, and that at any time, if he finds a love that is true (this is part of the original Flying Dutchman opera by the way) then his attachment to the ship is broken.

And . the green flash at sunrise shows a soul returning from the netherworld, so, all is well (and unbearably, sappily romantic :blow: ) at the end-end.


* ETA . Geis, usually pronounced "GESH," rhyming with "fresh," is a term from Irish folklore. It refers to a usually magical prohibition or taboo, or more broadly to a spell or enchantment, or a moral obligation. More info HERE

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I saw the movie Thursday night, left absolutely devastated and thinking that Will could only come to shore every ten years. Bittersweet to me as he is a truly good person with someone(s) waiting for him.

The movie was a lot to take in in one sitting.

THANK GOD for this thread and all my ka-Bloomie sistahs who are more up on the lore and information then I could ever figure out. :hug:

Now I can go and see it tomorrow with a better understanding of it and be able to explain it all to my kids.

BUT, I think I will make sure they DO NOT see the beginning. Even though it basically sets up the movie, explaining that the EITC has become absolutely heartless and cruel and MUST be stoppped. Or at the very least Beckett taken out.

As for the acting, SUPERB! I love how Jack, though crazy like a fox before he went to Davy Jones' Locker, completely looses his mind. I am sure I would too if stuck in that situation. He carries his multiple selves into the living world, which, to me, is perfectly understandable.

I am still a little bit disturbed by Elizabeths behavior. To me it was a bit over the top. But I guess she had to be a bit of a :censor: to stand up to everyone.

And Will, my dear Will, who started it all for me back in CoTBP. What can I say that has not been said?

Darker, more grown up, wiser, <sigh>. LOVED HIM!!! Even when he was betraying Jack, Elizabeth and all the other Pirates. He had a goal and nothing would stand in his way. Single minded determination, not the best of traits when taken to an extreme, but his was a noble cause, so I could forgive him.

As for Calypso's release scene, well it made sense to me. Only because the size was more along the lines of the Titans of Greek Myth.

I think I would turn into a 100 foot, enraged Goddess, if I learned that the person who betrayed me was the man I loved. :rant:

Of course I would have liked to know what she said, but I gathered it was something like. "Puny mortal, you can not bargain with me!" But at least she didnt sink the ship, right away.

So, there are my two cents. I will definitely be seeing this movie again and again and.

Again, thank you to all my sistah's who helped me to better understand this movie. :hug:



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I've seen it twice now. The first time was exciting, heart pounding and eventually, heart wrenching. The discovery of it was overwhelming and while I did get "it" plot wise, the second viewing made things SO much clearer. See it twice, at least.

Many of my friends haven't seen it yet, and my advice to them was to remember one thing--each of the main characters is a pirate, and I include Beckett. Each of them has their own "goal" and will do what it takes to achieve that. There's a lot of talk about chosing sides, but other than the East India Trading Co. vs. Pirates, there are many more facets and "sides" to be considered. You can't see some of the actions as 'betrayals' as much as the individual characters means to their own ends--each ones way of achieving their personal goals.

That said, I don't agree with a lot of the professional reviews that call it a mess or unsatisfied. Consider what each of the characters wants, and what the end result is. With the recent gossip of Johnny returning as Jack Sparrow, his would be the only thread left unfinished. I think the writers did a very good job of establishing all these character arcs and completing them. I think Norrington's line about their lives being entwined, but never on the same course as being a huge theme in this movie.

My daughter intends to see it again, and she won't go without me, so I'm sure I'll gain even more from it.

That said, I think Orlando was incredible during the emotional confrontations Will had with Elizabeth. I think the Jack hallucination scenes were a bit over the top. The freeing of Calypso was as well, but I loved the tie in with her and Davy Jones, however.

The ending. o.m.g. I didn't expect it and didn't want to believe it, but I am honestly glad it wasn't all wrapped up with some too sweet, too unbelievable of a happy ending. I thought the scene at the end (the one some of you wanted more of) was incredibly sweet and sexy but one that wouldn't make me at all uncomfortable watching it with children. I thought it was perfect and wouldn't want anything added or taken away.

Considering the targetted audience of the first movie, this one will be too complicated for those at the bottom of the interested age group. I also don't think it will be as "good" for those who've only seen 1 and 2 at the theatre and not multiple times, because there is so much backstory and tie in to understand it completely.

Put me on the list for one of those who can't wait for a screencap of that MONEY shot. (and I'll shut up now..)

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First of all, I saw the movie again yesterday and will be seeing it again tonight. It DOES get better with each viewing. You catch more, understand more etc.


Second, the sword that kills Will IS the sword he made in the first Pirates for Norrington.

Third, I thought the money shot of Legolas was the one in RoTK when he appears at Aragorn's coronation. And that the shot in FoTR coming over the mountain was the Hero shot. As for the money shot in Pirates III, I thinks it is the one after the credits. But that one of him on the Dutchmen with his father is devastating! Like I said, can't wait for the screencaps.

Fourth, Will didn't choose to become the Captain of the Dutchmen. The choice was made for him. His hand was on the weapon that stabbed the heart, but Elizabeth's hand and Jack's hand were the ones controlling Will's hand. They realized it was the only way to save his life. They both understood the curse. And no doubt they knew about the "after 10 years come back to your true love and the curse is broken thing."

Yes, Davy Jones made the choice to become what he did by not honoring his task. Tia Dalma says it outright and hints at it another time.

I love the ending given to Will. Yes, it was bittersweet, but it proves how good and heroic and true he really is. Ruth (TF) and I have been discussing the culmination of his storyline for months and this is the ending we had talked about consistantly, that Will would become the Captain, not of 'The Pearl' but of the 'The Dutchman.' It's a good, strong, ending to his story.

I loved the wedding, sword fight dance thing. That was brilliantly written and excuted by Orlando, Kiera and Geoffrey.

The love scene at the end was about as sexy as any overt love scene I've ever read or viewed. And when Will tells Elizabeth to keep the chest safe because it (his heart) has always belonged to him anyway, just made my throat constrict and my chest ache. And that last kiss was swoon worthy. The little boy who plays Will and Elizabeth's son, is as gorgeous as you would expect a son of their's to be. And those EYES! That's Will in a nutshell! I nearly died.

Oh and when the Dutchmen comes up out of the Water that final time and then you see her captain turn around and it's Will. I had chills run all through me. The audience actually cheered!

I Loved Every Moment!

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I saw the movie on thursday night and have spent the entire time since then trying to make our what exactly happened in the end. And when I read some of the posts here about the lifting of the curse, I got a lot happier. I mean, sentenced to only seeing the one you love every 10 years for 1 day? That :censor:

There are a lot more questions raised by the lifting of the curse explaination. One being, does he get his heart back? What happens to the Dutchman and who takes over? Lots of stuff I can't see being explained anywhere in the movie so I will be going back for more viewings this week and next.

Over all impression is : I loved it!!! A little much on the violence in places but that had been escalating from the first one anyway. Didn't care for the way they "release" Tia Dalma into Calypso but that I can overlook. Would have liked to be able to hear all the lines more clearly so I could get the gist of the curse thing.

Orlando was just great! And I agree, he did carry a large part of the movie if not the whole thing. It is his story more than Jack's even from #1 and the way they intertwined them at the end when Will is,....with that sword and Jack uses Will's hand to do the "deed" makes perfect sense.

There's so much more to say but I will hold off til I see it several more times.

Loved it, glad I saw it and will see it many more times. Can't wait for the DVD.it will be priceless!!!


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LadyNin, thank you for bringing all those comments from T&T over. I'd been scouring the internet today because I can't get this movie off my mind or out of my head. I had found some found some but not all of their comments. I feel compelled to make sense of it all. Interestingly enough, they also eluded that some of the story between Jack and Beckett had been cut as well. I was glad to read that because I felt there were some things left un-answered about their history.

I do hate that the "resolution" was left to be the scene after the credits since so many people won't see it. The 3 times I saw it only a handfull of people stayed.

Adrianne, I also appreciate your comments and desertflorece and Melani, your comments as well. I'm really enjoying hearing what all of you have said.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that even though I wasn't shocked by the violence, I did not think the film appropriate for young children. I saw a 4-5 year old girl yesterday in one of my viewings. I guess that's why they call it "parental guidance". :blink:

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I'm just back from my second viewing and it was SO MUCH BETTER the second time. I knew the basics and what to expect, so I just sat back and enjoyed it.

I paid very close attention to all the talk of the curse and the whole green light thing - and yes, I believe our Captain Turner was coming back for good. She was there for him, so it worked. Davy Jones turned into a monster because Calypso wasn't there when he first came back. No, our man will NOT become a tentacled freak! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. It makes me feel so much better! :shiny:

Whomever mentioned seeing "Herbie Bush" as one of the pirate lords: Yep, he was actually two people - first he gets shot by Teague and then shows up again along with the other lords with the long grey beards and green outfits. Those of you who aren't sure on Saladin's appearance: He's most noticeable as the "dancing pirate lord" after they've won and they're celebrating. He even has on pointy shoes like Saladin did. To whomever started the Norrington's sword topic: I believe Norrington was NOT killed by the sword. Bootstrap stabbed him with a chunk of wood and then Norrington stabbed Davy with the sword in defiance, which Davy then took.

How much fun was the "Up is Down" scene? :teehee: I thought to myself as I saw it the first time "This must have been so much fun for them to do!" The multiple Jacks and Jack talking to himself had me in hysterics.

I swear my whole body was throbbing during the beach scene. My pulse was definiely racing. I was like this :hott: and then just :twitch: by the end. So awesome, and knowing it was coming was great! What an absolutely gorgeous man!! Like it needs to be said around here.


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Just returned from my second visit, after reading this thread this morning I went with the intention of concentrating on the conversation between Tia Dalma and Davey Jones.

Unfortunately I'm still confused with Will's situation. Davey Jones told Tia Dalma that he had done his job for ten years, and when he returned to land to see her that she was not there. Then he broke the pledge about ferrying the dead to the other side, and that's why he turned all tentacley over time. I think maybe that he was returning for his one day.

My understanding was that until the heart was stabbed that the captain was the captain forever.

Oh I don't know, perhaps someone else can figure it out.

Lauren xx


I've seen it three times now and I have to agree with you. The only way Will can leave his captaincy is to have his heart stabbed-and that will kill him. He's dead to the world, which is why Elizabeth cannot go on the Dutchman. Only when that green flash signals, is the Dutchman in our world, and then it flashes again when it leaves. That's how I understand it.

Heartbreaking, to be sure, but kind of how I feel about Orlando being away from movies for a time. I'm keeping a 'weather eye on the horizon' for his return. I just hope and pray it's a lot less than ten years!

I'm with you, Buttercup. I've always had a terror of drowning, but if Will is the one to ferry the souls, it suddenly seems a lot less horrifying!

Beth 37

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Here's two very important quotes from the movie?

Pintel (and I'm paraphrasing here): "The green flash signals when a soul comes back from the dead!"

Davy Jones: "And when [those ten years were up and] we were free to be together, you weren't there."

And from the writers themselves:

"But the basic requirement is that Will agrees captain the Flying Dutchmen (in return for what the film reveals) and that he can step on land but once every ten years, and that at any time, if he finds a love that is true (this is part of the original Flying Dutchman opera by the way) then his attachment to the ship is broken."

So Will is free upon his return after 10 years because Elizabeth stayed faithful.

As to who is the next captain, here's Terry Rossio's response:

"I'm amazed that you are confused. The answer seems obvous: 'someone other than Will, who hasn't been picked yet.'"

"I understand you don't know who it might be. Probably even Calypso might not know."

Hope this helps!


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I just got back from my second viewing and all I can say that it is fantastic! I have to admit the first time I watched the movie I didn't cry because I was in total shock, but during today's viewing I was crying like a baby. :blow: I love Orlando's performance in this movie. He was absolutely amazing. :wub: Johnny was great as well as Keira. I'm planning on going to go see it again tomorrow!

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