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POTC:AWE Trailer Screencaps

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Thank you Lori for getting these gorgeous screencaps and Judi for posting them! :hug: :cheer:

Will looks absolutely gorgeous in these and I know I have said this before but I am going to say it again, I don't think we are going to survive this movie! :hott:

Kim :pirate:

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The man has TWO guns! :devil: And Dayum! Head scarf porn and one sizzling kiss in the rain! The man even kisses like a hero!

... "Will on a stick" . again!
I'll just go with what they said! And the scarf!porn! too! :hott::faint::giveup:

Thank you so very much Lori and Jupiter! :hug:

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:smoke: Wow, just wow. Thank you Lori for making the caps.

For me, it's the kiss. I know it's Orlando, but I have really come to care for these characters. DMC to me was a bit of an emotional movie for me, seeing what our Will went through with his Dad and Elizabeth. I look forward to AWE to see how everyone ends up at the end.

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Thanks Lori and Jupiter for these great caps. I guess we've trademarked a new phrase with Headscarf Porn. I'd say it's well deserved. I also loved the shot with Will firing the two guns at once. He's clearly in full on pirate mode. Gotta love it!

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Thanks Jupiter for posting, and Lori for these fab screen caps! :hug:

I love them all obviously ( Two guns, kisses, fighting, for example. ), but these are favourites of mine:


I want to help him! :blow:


Yowza! :hott:

Little_green , CaliMom , I know something about why Will is on The Dutchman. PM me if you would like to know.

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