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POTC: At World's End Merchandise

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This is funny,we found a Will Turner Pez dispenser today. I never saw one of those, anyone, ever??


MB53 :huh: :)

I finally found one (Squee!). I'd seen Jack and Davey Jones a lot, but never Will. I was going through the checkout at Meijer the other day, and lo and behold there's Will :thumbsup: . Needless to say I snatched it up.

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I wasn't sure which POTC thread to put this in, but I decided this one made the most sense. It WAS the last movie that most of us have seen starring our beloved Orlando. :sigh:

So. . . I was just wading through a PILE of junk mail I've received recently, and what did I find?

Does anyone need to order new checks?

There are four designs:

Skull and Crossbones :treasure:

The Black Pearl :ghostship:

Captain Jack Sparrow :beer:

Captain Will Turner :w00t:

There's also a matching checkbook cover and address labels, if anyone's interested. Use OFFER CODE H4GD for a significant discount package:

checks for $5.50/box!

Order 2 ($11.00 instead of $27.98) or 4 ($22.00 instead of $51.96) boxes and receive:

FREE Sheeted Address Labels

FREE Shipping & Handling

FREE Custom Lettering

and the Checkbook Cover (if desired) is only $9.95 instead of $17.95.

- Pam -

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I had those checks for a while too, Jan! Unfortunately we pay most of our bills online and changed banks, so no more writing across Legolas' lovely face. :teehee:

Thanks, Pam. I don't know which photo of Will Turner they used to design the check image with, and by now you'd think we've seen them all, but his hair is all wrong! :lol:

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I know what you mean. I just ordered checks yesterday. :doh:CaliMom, his hair may be all wrong but it works for me all blowing in the breeze. :wink2:

Kathryn and I enjoyed snagging all those Pez dispensers we did. :shiny:

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Lego has come out with POTC toys. I heard about it before but I was not sure if they would stick only with the new movie or bring in some of the past characters. Apparently they are. :)

I introduce to you Lego Will Turner:


Dashing as always. My kids love Legos so I can see a Lego Will Turner in my future. I hope they make keychains, that way I can take him everywhere. (Like my Lego Jedi keychain. :blush:)

I got the photo from the Lego website. It shows the other characters they are coming out with too.

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OMG! He is too cute! My Godson, Devin is into Legos, big time, maybe I can get these for his birthday! :)

Thank you Chitos for bringing this over. :hug:


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