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Orlando on Graham Norton

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:w00t: I can't wait to see this. The show on Sunday is Uncut and is 15 minutes longer so I've set our recorder for both days.
Great minds, Sunstar, I did the same thing. :shiny:

You two are always six steps ahead of me! :lol:. OK, of to set up for Sunday as well.
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I am so pleased! I love Graham Norton and his show last week was very funny, with Elijah Wood and Kim Cattrall.

The format seems to draw on the old "So" and "V" shows a little, but this time the guests were both there right from the beginning rather than being interviewed individually.

They did a link, which I believe they will do every week, where they surprise somebody on a Wednesday night at 7 p.m, as this is when the show is recorded. Last week they surprised a girl involved in speed dating at a pub somewhere in London and then spent time checking out all of the guys... it was hysterical.

There was also some audience participation, this time two ladies who ran a pony shelter in Essex and had a crazy little pony who was very sweet and quite a character.

I felt the show was a little short at 30 mins so can't wait to see the uncut version! :cheer:

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I can't wait!

This will be the fourth time Orlando has been one show with Graham right? I only ever saw one of the time he was on Graham's older shows. I wasn't supposed to be watching it as I was only about eight or nine, and Graham is quite rude, but I had a TV in my room and they said Orlando was going to be on so I watched it anyway. :paperbag: It was very funny, so I'm looking forward to this. :2thumbs:

My Dad is going to tape the Sunday version for me to keep. :yahoo:

Thanks Rona. :hug:

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Wonderful news!

I have always enjoyed Orlando on Graham Norton's shows, especially when he started blushing.

I called my sister in the UK to ask her to tape it. I cannot wait to watch it, but I shall have to wait until I see her again in April.

For all of you in the UK: have fun tonight and let us know what he said! And whether he found his hairbrush again.


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He looked gorgeous. Rings on. Bedhead.

It wasn't as good as other shows, given he had to share attention with Samantha Morton who hogged it IMO, and the topics covered were very random with a couple of awkward questions. Not as much camera on Orlando as I'd have liked, but there never could be, and hell, just being able to sit here and watch him was a real treat.

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Hello All. :flowers:

What a delightful surprise I had no idea Mr Bloom was going to be on Graham Norton! I was just sitting there thinking about nothing in particular and then there he was looking as lovely as ever (that’s Orlando not Graham Norton). In fact I think he looked damn amazing.

I do like Samantha Morton; she plays such serious roles but seems as mad as a fish.

I feel a bit sorry for that poor dog!



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Hey y'all, it's just plain MEAN to tease us poor, pathetic US residents with comments like:

"He looked gorgeous. Rings on. Bedhead. "

". . . but Orlando looked GORGEOUS."

I KNOW. Patience is a virtue. I'll try to restrain myself while waiting with baited breath for the magnificant UK video tag team to work their magic for us (like they ALWAYS do). But it won't be easy. :paperbag:

ZB :innocent:

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I thought it was fun but I just wanted more Orlando!! Half an hour is a bit short for this show, I think, and it just seems a bit rushed with little time for conversation so it will be interesting to see if the uncut version works better.

He looked great, of course, well completely :hott: actually but I agree that some of the questions were a little awkward.

Looking forward to more on Sunday and I agree with Jackie that, actually, it was a treat just to be able to watch him again. He looked very chilled and happy.

Right, I think I'll go and watch it again now!

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Can't wait to see it and I really hope someone gets the chance to record it.
Don't worry, the UK video team have it all under control (and for Sunday).

Thanks a million, Jupiter. Let's give a huge cheer for the UK team. :cheer: You guys rock!



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:clap: Thanks to all our UK enablers!

Can someone check the podcast link on Graham's site also?

"Extra helpings of Graham! Go behind the scenes of The Graham Norton Show with our exclusive video podcast, featuring after-show celebrations, extended interviews and some of Graham's sharpest one-liners."

It doesn't work for me but I'm hoping there are extras there.

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I was ready to watch it an hour before it started! I had to find something to amuse myself. Anyway, I'll say what I thought in the video thread. :2thumbs:

Good job gettig it UK video team! :clap::hug:

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