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Antarctica or BUST!


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When Orlando's cousin Sebastian relayed Orlando's thank-you to us for the Birthday Scrapbook, he mentioned to LoriV in passing that he and Orlando were getting ready for a trip to Antartica. :blink: Lori told me she thought he might be joking, but it made sense to me, considering their shared interest in the environment - as the Antarctic is one of the 'front lines' on global warming.

But since it wasn't really 'confirmable' without writing back and saying "OMG, liek, WHEN??" - no mention was made out here. Nor realizing he meant they were leaving SOON. Reports started to came in a couple of days ago of sightings in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From all the extensive sitting on my ass in front of the TV watching the National Geographic Channel research, I knew that Argentina was one of the primary 'jumping off' points for trips to the Antarctic. And now that we're seeing mention of it elsewhere, and Lori said she had no problem with us posting about it.

What an amazing trip that will be.

Some info, links, etc.

American Base

McMurdo Base, the US's base on the coast, near McMurdo Sound. The site has lots of beautiful pictures, from snow snow ice ice to penguins.

The Weather

In a word (or 2) - :censor:COLD.

Mean Temps:

Winter: -40 to -94°F (-40 to -70°C)

Summer: -5 to -31°F (-15 to -35°C) (Right now is their 'summer')

Can you imagine? Our man bundles up when it's in the 60s. We're making bets backstage on how many layers of clothing and/or scarves he'll try to wear. Kat figures he'll be going for that 'Michelin Man' look. :lol:

Daily Weather Reporting: Weather Underground. It's positively SWELTERING there today, with a high of 31 °F / -1 °C with light snow.


All Things Arctic - The Paps will need this stuff if they plan on following him. But I don't think there are any Hotels or Escalade Chase Vehicles there. :teehee:

We've also read elsewhere that he and Sebastian are there for Global Green, but can't confirm that - though it makes sense.

I'm hoping that since Sebastian is a filmmaker (as well as photographer), we'll eventually see video and photos of this trip, if it was on GG 'business'.

As for me, I'm insanely jealous. I've been fascinated with the South Pole since I was old enough to know about it.

If we hear more about it, we'll post it. What few photos of him so far have been in Argentina, and are fan photos, which we won't post as we don't have their permission.

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Thanks for sharing this with us Jan!

And yeah, it makes sense that this would be something that both Bast and Orlando would be involved with and I too hope that we'll eventually have opportunity to see film footage of this 'expedition'.

I laughed aloud when I read your comment about his layers of clothing! I had the same thought as soon as I realized he was going to Antarctica. :shiver: and is often bundled up! :teehee:

Well, well, well, what an adventure. You go boy!

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This sounds like such an adventure, and right up his alley.

Way to go Orlando! :clap:

Thanks for the info, Jan. :hug:

As for the layers, I immediately thought of the movie A Christmas Story. You know, when the little brother falls down in the snow, then rolls around like a turtle on his back, screaming "I caaaan't get uuuu-up!" :lol:

I wonder just how many scarves Orlando can wrap around his neck at one time? No hope for a nuzzle-zone shot, I suppose.

Safe journey Sweetie! Don't freeze off any important parts. :shiver:

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Thank-you so much for this fabulous "breaking story", Jan. I am so pleased for and so proud of Orlando and Sebastian, and I hope they stay safe and have an enlightening and enjoyable expedition. I look forward to any reports, film, photos - whatever comes out of this. :throb:

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Interesting news, Jan. Definitely something that my mother will be jealous of. She's always wanted to go to Antarctica.

I would have thought that rather than go to Argentina that he might venture back to New Zealand, another logical jumping off point. When we were there Christmas 2005, my mother and sister investigated one of the training facilities just outside of Christchurch.

Good for Orlando (and Sebastian). A trip of a lifetime for certain.

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I don't know if any Paparazzi are brave enough to follow our intrepid explorers (although this is one time they could be useful spreading the environmental news). However, if Bast and Orlando see any penguins bearing cameras :photo: they may end up on the cover of the South Pole News. Anybody got a subscription? :lol:

What a great way for Orlando to spend his time off. He may actually climb Everest yet (although I kind of hope not). :fear:


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Well that sounds interesting and like a very cool (no pun intended. :lol:) thing for him to be doing.

As for me, southern Ontario is about as cold as I can take. :shiver: But, as long as he's having fun and doing what he wants, that's good. :)

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What a classic l_g. Colour him black and white with furry yellow glasses and hey, presto, you've got an Emperor penguin. By the time he has furry gloves on Sebastien will be hard-put to make a photographic record. Seriously though, Orlando rugs up in high summer - the cold will paralyse him. I wish him well - at least he's down there doing something positive, instead of just posing for pictures.


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I too think that this is a great thing that Bast & Orlando are doing.

I hope they shopped at Damart and bought their thermolactil long-johns before they left. They are supposed to work for sub-zero temperatures. :shiver:

Loved you clothing link L_G, its amazing what some people will do!

Looking forward to a report on this trip sometime in the future.

Linda :heart:

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L_G, that was an eye-opener. I had no idea there was a 10 XL. :O Dress warm and stay safe, Orlando and Sebastian. I'd say "hats off" to both of you for what you're undertaking, but you'll need those hats to keep your heads warm. As I posted earlier, I'm looking forward to pictures as well as a report.


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