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AWE Artwork/Poster Art?

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:hug: Wow, thanks everyone for this amazing picture.Orlando, and Will, has never looked so darn sexy! I just LOVE the determind expression on his face---he definitely looks like he means business :yahoo:

Is it just me, but can anyone see a key jutting out from Orlando's jacket, on the left of the picture, above the knife? It could be my imagination :hmmm:

It looks like I'll be taking a day of work on May 25th--that's if Pirates 3 is released here in the U.K on that day.I think it will be--so I'll try and see it twice and try not to have heart palpatations whenever Orlando appears :hott: .Can't wait for this film :cheer:

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:O Now that is what I call a pirate!! That picture has the total Will package. Everything I could possibly want in one picture (well almost, can't see how brown those eyes are in this one, but I can forgive that.)

I think my jaw seriously almost made it to my waist on this one.

What was developing into a rather scary May (what with college graduation and all) has now become something considerably brighter. I can make it through entering the Big Bad World if I have that Pirate to look forward to at the end of the month.

Will (and Orlando) has grown so much since DMC. This picture clearly shows it. And what I find rather interesting is the fact that little Will came to the scene in 2003, the summer I graduated from high school and was kind of nervous and excited about entering college. Now, four years later, I feel that I have grown up so much, just like Will. This chapter of my life began and will conclude along with the Pirates trilogy, and I honestly am now nervous and excited to see where Will and I will go next when May comes.

Once a Pirate, always a Pirate!


PS. Almost forgot to give my thanks to the enablers of this pic. :doh: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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OH. HOLY. ORLANDO! * Takes deep breath* OK, let me start at the beginning. I've had a viral infection since Tuesday night, and was feeling pretty darn rotten! Then last night, because I was getting tired I get on the laptop to check my emails, and find one telling me that there has been a new topic posted in News. I always check these as soon as I find them, so ended up getting directed here. Then this happened:

"WOW! OH! MY! GOD! MUM COME HERE QUICK! I jumped up and started jumping around the living room like a woman possessed! Then I scampered back to the laptop, and did it all over again! You put a smile on my face, everyone who had a part in getting these to the board! Thanks. There are no words to fully describe how hot, faint, excited, in love and overjoyed I felt at seeing these! The first one is so, intriguing, it really get your heart going and draws you in! They all look ready to kick arse! Will and Elizabeth have pistols! That's so cool!

I only have one way to describe the second one: EVERYTHING! The outfit! The earring! The smouldering-sexy-pissed off-I'm going to knock you into the next ocean expression! The positively GAPING chest peekage! The atmospheric mist! The stance! And the HAIR! :yahoo: I love Orlando with long hair. It all rendered me totally incoherent and useless! You know how in cartoons when the character sees or thinks of money and they get the dollar signs in their eyes? Well that's what I was like when I saw Will. If someone had looked into my eyes they would have seen him in all his Piratey Goodness, because that what he is sistahs! He's finally reached the rank of PIRATE!

I really don't think I am going to survive this film! ( I said that about DMC ) They'll be taking me out of the cinema like this: :stretcher: That's if I've avoided doing this: :kablaam: which is highly unlikely! I now have the second one on my desktop! Also, if Disney released this as a poster I think I may have just found a new poster for above my bed.

Isn't the new Scull and Cross bones sign cool? They've finally got around to doing the bones. Not that I didn't like the other ones. I love the fact that it's got Jack's beard. It's just entered my head, that I wonder if all the little sculls have had Jack's headscarf and now this one has Jack's beard, because they are hinting that Jack is going to die? Any ideas?

Actually Ces, Keira has a sword and a gun, Barbossa has a sword and a gun too. Can anyone see if Jack has his gun in his belt? Aliza, he gets his earring from Tia? Cool! I wonder why? TF, that was awesome! Maybe you shoul sue? Computer says 'no'. Elizabeth, your siggy is breathtaking!


Edited just a bit. Take another deep breath, dear. christine

Edited by KLSMom
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Isn't it lovely to have a place where we can go on a cold, wet January day (well, it's like that round here, anyway) kick back, relax and enjoy the finer things of life.

. like a nice icy :shower:

Thanks to everyone for bringing these pictures - and Elisabeth, I love your siggie. Proper attention to detail, there!

LM xx

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Now that is what I call a pirate!! That picture has the total Will package.

Once a Pirate, always a Pirate!


I don't think we're going to survive this one ladies.
Me either but I don't mind. :wink:

Seeing as I'm a Pirate!Slut! I was so thrilled (and hugely appreciative) when another ka-Bloomie alerted me to this thread! Thank you to all the enablers! :hug:

I'm ready for May. Bring it on! :yess:

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*Picks herself off of the floor* :ded:

These look AWEsome. (Pun fully intended) Very ghostly.

I don't think we're going to survive this one ladies.

Of course we won't, but it's a brilliant way to go. :dbb: Roll on May 25th. :cheer:

How many days now?

(Too many)



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I believe my initial reacton was "Holy guacamole!" Followed by :swoon:

I'm mesmerized by the chest, the jawline and bodyline, and the expression, not to mention the hair. Holy cow, are we in for a treat! Will just keeps getting better and better.

Now THAT'S what I call a PIRATE!!

Maybe I should start a paper chain to count down the days.


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As always.late to the party. I've seen the siggies from every one of new Will and of course had to exercise control and practice my Yoga breathing to keep from fainting.

But something said, go prowling tonight.and here I am.

:kablaam: There goes the heart monitor again. I've had to reset this darn thing about a dozen times since I've been visiting the site on a regular basis. I can just hear me now in three weeks, "No doc, I don't need oxygen.yeah, I know what the monitor said, but see, what had happened was.."

The year's already flying by - thankfully. May will be here before we know it. (Hopefully I have enough time to save up for a defibrillator, because I sure as heck am gonna need it on May 25th.)

Thanks for sharing!



[er mode] CLEAR! [/er mode] :stretcher:

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I'm with Sangreal... late.

I saw the siggies on the board and I couldn't resist. He looks amazingly delicious!!! :hott:

That flowing hair and that cocky, "Come on, I dare you" look. :giveup: :swoon:

Disney better have this in a poster soon or I may just have to pull out the ol' bat. :bat:

Looks like my birthday is gonna be a good one even if I have to wait a few days.

It will most certainly be worth it!!

I'm now off to the corner to have a crazy fangirl moment. :shout:

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