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AWE Artwork/Poster Art?

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We have been wanting Will and we certainly got him didn't we! :shiny: I still haven't come back down to earth since I first laid eyes on our gorgeous Pirate! :hott: Those eyes and gorgeous hair just do me in everytime! :faint:

Oh I wonder if these will be on display in the theaters in May? Can you imagine seeing a life size version of gorgeous Will in the lobby! :kablaam: They will need an ambulance standing by for us ka-bloomies. :stretcher:

Is it May 25th yet?! :w00t:

Kim :pirate:

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Thanks for understanding, y'all. (And in their reply, they thanked us for asking. :shiny: )

OK, now that that's cleared up.

THE HAIR, LOUISA!!! :smoke:

I thought you might like that. :lmao:

And look who's snagged herself a nice avatar! God, he looks intense and dangerous. I wouldn't want to meet that pirate in a dark alley. Oh, wait. Yes I would. :ded:

The first picture is very "Seven Samurai" or "The Magnificent Seven". Can't decide which.

A shout out to Disney for the go-ahead. Thank you. :2thumbs:

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I'm normally not a lover of the 'long, loose hair' look, but this time. mummyyyyyyyyyy !!!! :giveup::dbb:

Trying to gather my wits here for a split-second : I love the misty, cloudy, silvery look of these pics. Ooooh, if these could be the official movie posters ! *dies at the mere thought* If they were, no matter whére I'd have to hang the Will poster, but hang it I would, even if it had to be on the ceiling.

Will has never looked better.

Thanks for these, ladies ánd Disney.

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OMG! :fan:

I think most people here know I fell in love with young Mr. Turner in the first movie but I have to say that I really like how he's maturing. :wink:

Seriously, I cannot WAIT for the movie. Especially now. Good grief, that picture literally made my heart skip a beat. That LOOK. Whew. :hott:

Thanks Jan & Disney.


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Thanks Jan, Disney and Catsby Cat who first brought them over.

They are really, really good. I think that is the best one I've ever seen

of our Will. As someone said 'he really is maturing nicely' like a fine wine.

I shall go back and have a nother look!

Take care


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