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Talking Parrot sought for POTC 3

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It seems they are holding a casting call in London next week looking for a parrot that can 'work from a script'. I'm about to put some of mine through an intense training session. :whistle: They are accepting videos, DVD's and email submissions if you can't get to London.


Beth 37

And her feathered hopefuls

ETA: Here's the text of the article

'Parrot' of the Caribbean

November 10, 2006 07:33am

Article from: Press Association

PARROTS are being invited to audition for a "squawk-on" part in the new Pirates Of The Caribbean film.

The successful bird will join Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom on the island of Dominica to shoot the third instalment of the Hollywood hit.

And it will act as the official "spokesparrot" for the DVD launch of the second Pirates film, Dead Man's Chest, later this month.

The auditions will be held at Disney's HQ in Hammersmith, west London, on November 16.

They are open to all parrots which can speak and are able to learn a script.

A spokesman said: "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a parrot with a big personality. We hope to uncover the next A-list feathered superstar.

"The winning parrot will need to have an outgoing personality, remain calm under pressure and have screen presence.

"No previous acting or promotional experience is necessary, but those that have worked in film and television before should note that divas and parrots with attitude are not wanted."

Promotional duties for the DVD launch will include media interviews, photoshoots and personal appearances.

The judging panel will comprise Disney executives, Pirates of the Caribbean animal trainer Mark Harden and parrot expert Peter Bloom.

Parrots unable to attend are invited to submit their screen test via email, DVD or video.

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