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TIME Magazine interview with Ridley Scott

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In the current issue of "Time" magazine (Nov. 13, 2006), there is publicity interview for his new movie and he again puts in praise for KoH. I so adore this movie. :crusader: :balian:

10 Questions for Ridley Scott


Posted Sunday, Nov. 5, 2006


You've had huge hits such as Gladiator and Alien and other movies that have disappeared, such as G.I. Jane and Kingdom of Heaven. Can you tell which ones audiences are going to embrace?

You can never tell. A word on Kingdom of Heaven: if you get the four-disc set, which is 3 hr. 8 min., you'll see why it's such a good movie. It was a real passion project, and it's the film I'm most proud of. I think it was treated incredibly unfairly. It did a very delicate job of literally profiling the Muslims when it was not a good time to be doing that, and actually Fox really followed through. I've got many letters from Muslim organizations thanking me for making Kingdom of Heaven. And people are rediscovering it. So it ain't disappeared, love. I was very happy about G.I. Jane. It just was unpopular, but it's going to be turned into a TV series. So it ain't a bad idea.


the entire interview is here.

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