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Black Hawk Down


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Upcoming on HD DVD:

Nov. 7

Black Hawk Down Sony; 50GB BD $28.95

War: Ridley Scott's dramatization of the near-disastrous mission in Somalia on Oct. 3, 1993, grossed $109 million.

Bonuses: 50GB with custom "Blu-Wizard" menu; three commentaries, deleted scenes, History Channel documentary "The True Story of Black Hawk Down," two featurettes, interviews

Is this content pretty much the same as the most recent release of BHD?
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Hey Sailor, I just got a used copy so I'm not sure how recent it is. On the back it lists:

BHD On the Set Featurette

Animated Menus

Theatrical Trailers


Scene Selection

Production Notes.

I don't know how that compares but it seems to be far less than what is on your copy.

Hope that helps.

Beth 37

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