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Online Concert by Scissor Sisters and Global Cool


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I just found this, apparently Orlando will be attending this concert to promote Global Cool. It will be shown online tomorrow night. You just have to be a member of Global Cool to view it.


This is the email I recieved announcing it.


Scissor Sisters' sold out one-off Halloween show at the Brixton Academy

will be broadcast via an exclusive webcast through Global Cool. And all

that we ask is that you turn your computers off!

Friday 13th October was certainly unlucky for some when it came to

buying tickets for Scissor Sisters one-off Halloween show at Brixton

Academy. The exclusive gig's entire allocation of nearly 5,000 tickets

sold out within just 90 minutes, leaving more than a few unfortunate

fans empty handed.

But fear not if you missed out, as Global Cool will be hosting a live

webcast of the gig, in association with Tiscali (sponsors of the

webcast), at 10pm on Halloween through www.global-cool.com.

To view the webcast simply visit www.global-cool.com and sign in or sign

up before 10pm on Tuesday 31st October.

Those who sign up will not only be able to view the Scissor Sisters'

once in a lifetime fancy dress performance, they will also be treated

the following day (Wednesday 1st November) to additional backstage

footage and an exclusive interview with the band.

All we ask in return is that you pledge to turn off your computer at the

end of the night. We won't be checking up on you but we trust you will.

According to the recent PC Energy Report, one in five office workers

leaves a PC on standby at least three times a week, which amounts to

more than £100 million of electricity wasted yearly.

Or to put it another way, the power stations that generate the

electricity needed to sustain these sleeping computers emit 200,000

tonnes of CO2 a year in the process, which roughly equals the same

quantity of CO2 pumped out of the exhaust pipes of 120,000 4X4s.

In fact, if everybody in the UK switched their computers off at night,

it would save as much pollution as all the cars in a city the size of

Liverpool. So please be sure to power down at the end of the night!

Band member Babydaddy said: "This special gig is a big thank you to all

our fans. It's set to be an amazing night and by showing the gig on

www.global-cool.com, it not only means that everyone can enjoy the

party, but also raises awareness of their cause by highlighting the

importance of saving our planet."

Beth 37

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I'd love to see another Photo Op :photo: , but I think that the 'press release' (after all, it is Contact Music :rolleyes: ) is a bit misleading.

...The I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCING chart-toppers will play the Carling Brixton Academy tomorrow night (31OCT06), and will join a host of stars including ORLANDO BLOOM, JUDE LAW and KATE BOSWORTH in supporting Global Cool...

I think what it's saying is that Scissor Sisters join these stars in supporting Global Cool - meaning another 'act' in the 'stable', so to speak.

I had checked out the Global Cool site earlier in the day after hearing about this, and I'm sure if Orlando et al were going to be there, it likely would have said so in promoting their Webcast.

But we shall see. :oh:

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I got the e-mail from Global Cool last night and there was no mention of Orlando. But it would be nice if he was there but with him finishing up Pirates, I doubt it very much if he will be able to attend, so I am not going to get my hopes up.

Thank you Beth for posting this. :)


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