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HBO Honors Frank E. Flowers


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I just saw this, so maybe some of our members can catch it on TNT. Apparently, Haven has gotten some attention!


HBO honours Frank E. Flowers

Tuesday 17th October, 2006 Posted: 14:58 CIT (19:58 GMT)

The Board of Film Life Inc. and HBO have unanimously selected Caymanian filmmaker Frank E. Flowers Jr. to receive the HBO Director to Watch Award at the 2006 Black Movie Awards.

The HBO Director to Watch Award has been created to honour a director at the beginning of their career, who has displayed excellence in the art of filmmaking.

In presenting him with this award, HBO has recognized the excellence of Frankie’s work to date. These works include his award winning short film Swallow and his recently released film Haven with Orlando Bloom, shot entirely in the Cayman Islands.

The BMAs were formed in 1997, as part of the American Black Film Festival, to recognize and bring greater attention to the creative contributions made to cinema by persons of African descent both in front of and behind the camera.

In 2005 the BMAs came to television for the first time on TNT. Several very prestigious persons in cinema have received BMA honours including Sidney Poitier, the late great Ossie Davis, Laurence Fishburne and Spike Lee. This year, Tyler Perry will host.

The awards air today, 18 October, on TNT at 9pm central time.

Beth 37

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That is great news! :cheer: Congratulations to Frankie on receiving this prestigious honor! :clap: He certainly deserves it, Haven was one of the most compelling and riveting movies I have seen. It held my attention through the entire movie. I wonder if Orlando will be there to support him, that would be nice. :)

Thank you Beth for this wonderful news! :hug


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