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Little movie, Lotta miles!

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As far as I know, Haven isn't playing anywhere near me, so I am contributing how far I went when I went to the TIFF to see it - hey it counts, I still travelled to see it, right? :2thumbs:

I had to figure mine out in kilometres first and then convert it to miles after (It was about 36 kilometres - by the detour of visiting my brother on the way to the movie theatre. :lol:).

So for me it was about 22 miles:

4698 + 22 =

4720 miles

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FYI, We've let Matt at YFG know about our mileage tracking. He thinks it's an excellent idea and looks forward to seeing the final mileage numbers. :)

That's great! I'm glad he's interested.

Well, I didn't have to volunteer this morning in a ka-Bloomette's classroom because the teacher wasn't there.

So, I was able to squeeze in another viewing today! :yess:

Add another 70 miles from me. Our new total is 4,720 + 70 =

4,790 miles!

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Deian and I are heading out the door for today's meetup in Atlanta. We'll be adding 72 miles to the cause.

5083 + 72 = 5155 miles

Go ka-Bloom go! :cheer: (And there may be another viewing in my future. There's talk of seeing it again tomorrow.)

That's a lot of ka-Bloomie love. :wub: And the best part is, we are all really loving this movie.


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I just returned from my viewing of the movie.loved it!!

I got lucky with this limited release and it was only 20 miles from my college. Roundtrip makes it 40 miles, and I also took two of my roommates to go see it with me (both who enjoyed it very much as well.)

So, 40 X 3= 120 miles

That brings our total now to 5,275 miles!

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When I first posted here my mileage to and from Atlanta (500 round trip) I didn't realize since my daughter (also a big Orlando fan) was accompanying me, I should count her mileage too ! So let's add another 500 miles !

5,471 + 500 = 5,971 !

And definitely worth it ! :cheer:

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My friend from Illinois and I went today, so we added 118 miles to the total.


My third time, her first. We both wish we could see it again.

Beth 37

ETA: I forgot to double it for the roundtrip, so it's really now 6207!

This post was edited by Beth 37 Sept 29

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We are doing great! Ka-bloomies rock! :punk: I wish I could go see it again but no one wants to drive into Cambridge. When me and my friend went last Saturday, we got lost going in and going home! When we arrived in Cambridge, we couldn't find the theater and we ended up asking some one that wasn't even from Massachusetts, they were tourists and they knew where it was better than we did and we live here! :blink::lol: So that is why I am hoping and praying it will open up in another theater in the Northshore area. :) So I can just imagine what it must be like for you guys that have travel to another state. :wink:


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Thank you for bumping this thread; I had read it, thought it was a cute idea and forgotten about it because I'm in Canada and wasn't going to be able to get to the movie. BUT, as it happens BrownEyedGirl and I went to Chicago last weekend for a get-together with peeps from another forum, and as we were planning our trip we suddenly realized that Damn, we wil be in Chicago where Haven is actually playing, we'd better get our butts to it! I hope our miles are allowable, even if we didn't travel that distance on purpose to see Haven. Assuming they are, the round-trip from Vancouver to Chicago is 3552 miles. 3552 x 2 ka-Bloomies = 7104 miles

6207 + 7104 miles = 13311 miles!

(If the travel miles aren't allowable, we did put at least 6 or 8 miles from our hotel on our feet just looking for the theatre! :wink: )

Edit by Jupiter: as one of the resident accountants, I have edited your post Merrianne. 6,207 + 7,104 = 13,311 not 131,311.

Just watch - I bet she pretends it was a typo.

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All of you who have traveled so far, I admire your dedication.

I am truly blessed.no mileage to report here. I just had to drop off my kids and hop on the train for about 20 minutes. Life in the big city truly rocks! :getdown:

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